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Welcome to TKR's guild page.

War does not determine who is right,

war only determines who is left...

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High Council

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Member Since: 2007-03-14 17:53:54
Active playing time: 148 Days, 2 Hours, 36 Minutes
Member Number: 0000001064
Character Experience: 1,997,051
Character Level: 36
Highest Skill: Construction Level 35
Nationality: Faldorian

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Clown Prince

Member Since: 2008-01-30 01:05:55
Active playing time: 134 Days, 23 Hours, 31 Minutes
Member Number: 0000004562
Character Experience: 3,056,510
Character Level: 41
Highest Skill: Smithing Level 44
Nationality: Odtoni
Guild: The Kamikaze Rebellion
Guild Position: Number Two

Special Forces

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Killa Gorilla

Member Since: 2008-04-12 05:50:30
Active playing time: 45 Days, 16 Hours, 4 Minutes
Member Number: 0000005491
Character Experience: 587,498
Character Level: 26
Highest Skill: Speed Level 25
Nationality: Erfdarian
Guild: The Kamikaze Rebellion
Guild Position: Rilla in tha Mist!

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Member Since: 2008-03-22 08:27:56
Active playing time: 413 Days, 10 Hours, 59 Minutes
Member Number: 0000005221
Character Experience: 15,602,723
Character Level: 62
Highest Skill: Mining Level 72
Nationality: Odtoni
Guild: Movodian Army of Demons
Guild Position: Dark Princess


Top 50 Guilds (exp)

RankClanLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Champions of Movoda692,398,601,083+46,448 (+234,733)
2Movodian Army of Demons661,997,164,033+180,949 (+822,126)
3The Forsworn641,818,317,467 (+8,729)
4Slan Sabhailte641,763,903,602+87,173 (+282,312)
5Dream Hunters621,513,793,931+12,861 (+362,860)
6Phoenix611,479,521,134+31,126 (+231,673)
7The Bubble611,473,424,020+32,801 (+208,378)
9Sanitys Requiem54937,832,310+6,861 (+169,981)
10Jack of all Trades54923,320,051+21,284 (+118,535)
11GoBlue54916,977,480+1,255 (+22,672)
12The Anointed Ones of Movoda54881,308,192+3,570 (+132,505)
13ANZACS53815,268,770+47,354 (+110,395)
15Ghost Raiders52764,025,072+75,975 (+92,060)
16The Riddlers51744,742,499 (+66,938)
17Olympus51738,989,451+22,787 (+73,386)
18Eternal Night51736,491,417+280 (+2,360)
19Omnipotence51724,732,354+1,704 (+27,747)
20Border Patrol50694,944,101+29,377 (+85,695)
21Crops4$50676,711,171+139,496 (+397,365)
22Sin Incorporated50672,678,149+3,458 (+267,567)
23The Alorium50667,996,732
24Y50656,829,254+3,093 (+240,327)
25Valhalla50654,829,376+75,063 (+457,455)
26Oath Keepers49631,581,483+13,739 (+51,977)
27Alcatraz49625,460,391 (+28,664)
28PWI49605,746,078 (+170,121)
30subpar49604,293,596+5,319 (+54,941)
31Akatsuki48595,730,466+360 (+87,881)
32Whatever48582,607,472+9,245 (+36,745)
33Allure48563,683,851 (+1,218)
34Peace Keepers47542,178,890 (+7,672)
36Firesouls47519,276,808+4,905 (+41,729)
37The Eccentric Ambassadors of Movoda46499,381,439 (+6,030)
38Knights of the Round Table45467,726,088 (+25,476)
39Seven Sins45455,192,953 (+37,072)
40~Wild Bunch~45449,955,131
41Original Movoda Group Inc.?45447,748,490+23,881 (+228,422)
42Righteous Order Of Toking Strangers?44413,442,906 (+5,991)
43Crimson Phalanx44400,758,379+16,586 (+153,514)
44~Evil Testament~43372,442,058
45Silver Shadow Society43370,665,532
46Novum Initium43362,602,879+59,068 (+399,155)
47a guild42348,837,103
48Dead On The Inside42341,433,785+6,480 (+74,072)
49Psy's Eyes Sees All42336,395,735+1,656 (+11,430)
50The Koopa Troop?41327,631,591+16,844 (+53,141)

Movoda Stats:

Total Player Registrations: 27,444
Total Currently Registered Players: 24,402
Total Active Players: 449
Total Players Logged In: 73

Total cash in game: 904,143,860 vessi
Total weight of items in game: 363,681,426 stones

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