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I'm the proud Co-Leader of The Eccentric Ambassadors of Movoda


Member Since: 2008-06-13 20:40:16
Active playing time: 1686 Days, 2 Hours, 4 Minutes
Member Number: 0000006181
Character Experience: 112,831,107
Character Level: 102
Highest Skill: Combat Level 111
Nationality: Faldorian
Guild: The Eccentric Ambassadors of Movoda
Guild Position: Leader

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18:49:32 Alicia[TEAM]: i think when we finally get the lvl for another one, I'm gonna try for another 1k

18:50:14 zysx[TEAM]: are you wishing to never move from Therusia?

18:54:05 Alicia[TEAM]: and Z.. I barely do leave therusia

18:55:56 *zysx may have to uproot A as she seems to have been planted *

18:57:46 *LDMaster has just harvested one Alicia from the 500 Greenhouse *

18:58:13 peachtails[TEAM]: are there any more?

18:58:27 LDMaster[TEAM]: nope all gone

18:58:33 peachtails[TEAM]: if so, she cloned herself

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