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Hawkeyep: Hey whats the over there in the forest?
rev: I dunno, WHAA! Wered it go?
Hawkeyep: wow, that was weird, its eyes were glowing a pale redish colour and its skin was kind of a leaf green
rev: should we try and go find it again?
hawkeyep: hmm, yer I think we should, after all we are the strongest fighters in the land HA HA HA
rev: yer ok
*both players wander into the forest with their steel weapons drawn*
*suddenly a net falls from the trees, the players panic and start slashing at the net, but they can barely even scratch it*
*the creature they saw before appears out of the darkness of the forest, accompanied by two more of the same kind of creatures*
*the bigger one speaks in an odd language that is only just recognizable as an the ancient language of the Elves*
*suddenly it dawns upon rev that these are part of the Ancient tribe of Beromi Elves*
rev: *he speaks in the same language as the elves which completely confuses hawkeyep*
rev: O great Elves of the western planes, we come in peace, we are just two mere travelers who wandered into your great forest by accident.
Elven Scout: That is alright young ones, we have been watching you for days now and we think you will suit our kings plans perfectly.
Elven Scout: You are right, we are of the Ancient Tribe of the Beromi Elves and we wish no harm to you. I ask that you please give up your weapons and follow me.
rev: *explains what the Elf said to hawkeyep*
Elven Scout: Remove the net please Findaráto Telrúnya
Findaráto Telrúnya: *takes the net of the two humans and packs it up slowly into his backpack*
*hawkeyep and rev stands up and drop all their weapons to the ground*
Beren Telrúnya: *moves slowly over to where the weapons are, once he is sure he is safe he picks them up and stores them in his backpack clumsily*
*Findaráto Telrúnya whispers to the big Scout: Fingolfin Sáralondë, do you really think these humans will fit into our great kings plan?*
*Fingolfin Sáralondë says: yes they will do perfectly, now run along and make the necessary preparations for our arrival, and take your oafish brother, Beren with you I can handle these humans by my self*
*Findaráto Telrúnya runs up a few hundred meters before stopping and calling out to his brother to hurry up*
*Beren Telrúnya scours at Fingolfin then catches up to his brother*
*Fingolfin watches the two brothers until they are out of sight then turns around and addresses rev*
Fingolfin Sáralondë: ok explain to your companion that we will be traveling through this forest for about 3 hours on foot, as long as you stay close to me no harm will become of either of you.
*rev explains all that and also tell him the names of the 3 elves, the main one *Fingolfin Sáralondë, and the two brothers Beren, the oafish one, and Findaráto Telrúnya*

*Hours Later*

Fingolfin Sáralondë: Ok we are nearing our destination, hopefully all of the preparations for our arrival have been made, you will be shown to your sleeping quarters when we arrive, you are to stay there until I come get you!*
*Player two tells all that to Player one, player one then nods in agreement to Fingolfin*
*the trio then walk for another half an hour until they come upon the most magnificent kingdom they have ever seen, it is made purely out of stone and looks like it has been here for thousands of years but is still as stable as it was when it was first built*
Fingolfin Sáralondë: Welcome to the home of the Ancient Beromi Elves, of course this is not our entire kingdom, but it is all you Humans will be seeing for the time being, your sleeping quarters will be over there *point eastwards* I will come collect you in 5 hours, so make sure you get well rested because you will be seeing our wise king Elrohir Sáralondë.
*the two elves from before in the forest, Beren and Findaráto approach them, Findaráto speaks and tells them to follow*
*rev follows the elves and drags hawkeyep along with him*
*after 10 minutes of walking Findaráto and Beren stop and point inside the room of a house that says: Tathar, rev walks inside, he notices two comfy looking beds, a set of draws with clean clothes inside and a mirror with a comb next to it*
*hawkeyep walks inside, sits on one of the beds and falls asleep with in 5 minutes
*after a few more minutes of looking around rev falls asleep on the other bed*

*At king Elrohir Sáralondë Throne Room*

*Fingolfin Sáralondë walks in with his head bowed in a sign of respect*
Fingolfin Sáralondë: Father, i have brought them, the two who have been traveling all around Beromi, they walked right into our nets but they followed without any harm becoming of anyone.
Elrohir Sáralondë: Well done my boy, today i am truly proud of you, when are you bringing them to come see me?.
Fingolfin Sáralondë: as soon as they have woken up and are dressed appropriately, so knowing the oafish Human race as i do, I have set their wake up for 5 hours time.
Elrohir Sáralondë: now now, not all of them are oafish, have u forgotten mskwik? he did save your life that faithful night when you were out traveling.
Fingolfin Sáralondë: well i suppose there is always him.
Elrohir Sáralondë: ok good boy, go fetch the Telrúnya brothers and tell them i want to speak to them, then you are free to do what ever you please until the Humans wake up.
Fingolfin Sáralondë: ok father, they will be here soon.
*Fingolfin Sáralondë walks out the door and orders the closest guard to go fetch the Telrúnya brothers, then he walks off towards to east side of the great city*
*Findaráto Telrúnya is the first of the two to arrive, he walks half way into the room with his head bowed then he seats himself on the floor*
*moments later Beren Telrúnya walks in and does the same as his brother Findaráto*
Elrohir Sáralondë: good afternoon lads, i just wish to congratulate you two on a mission well done, you completed it without any troubles and managed to put up with my son, Well Done. your rewards are waiting for you in your quarters.
Findaráto Telrúnya: thank you my wise king, we are very grateful.
*Beren Telrúnya mutters to him self: nothing can compensate me for having to put up with that brat of a kid*
Elrohir Sáralondë: you seem to forget beren, i may be getting old but my hearing is as good as ever.
Beren Telrúnya: oh i am truly sorry my king, its just that your son...well he is not exactly kingly material.
Elrohir Sáralondë: i know of my sons faults, and it is none of your business anyway, DISMISSED.
*the two Telrúnya brothers turn around and walk out the door*

*4 Hours later at the esatern Tathar*

Rev: hawkeyep are you awake?
Hawkeyep grunts: no go away!
Rev: hawkeyep this is important!
hawkeyep: fine, what do ya want?
Rev: its just all this, the stuff that has happened to us in the past months, firstly shortly after arriving at Port Barin we were met by this strange character, an oddly short fellow with a very deep voice and was wearing all these different types of animal skins over every part of his body, i couldn't even recognize some of those animals.
Rev: he told us about a small cave near cardina valley that leads to an ancient civilization, but he wouldn't say anything more about it, just that we cannot tell anyone and we are two of the chosen ones, the only ones that will be allowed to pass through the cave.
Hawkeyep: yeah so? what about it?
Rev: well we didn't even bother to go looking for it, you made us follow the rout you had planned for us already
hawkeyep:yer i said we would be going to cardina valley eventually, its not like the little dude said we had to be there by certain date, he just said that we were the only ones able to go all the way through the cave.
Rev: well its not just that, before when we were standing outside the woods, and you saw that Elf, well its not the first time i had seen that elf.
Rev: well a few nights before that when we were camped at martral, you were snoring loudly in your sleep, which was stopping me from going to sleep, so i was just lying there watching the stars when i heard a rustle in the trees that we were camped near. on that night there was no wind, so i knew there had to be something in there.
Rev: i went and got my steel weapon from my backpack but as i was reaching in i noticed on my arm a glowing symbol, i recognized it from a book i studied on ancient language, it is a combined symbol of dwarves and elves and it means The Chosen Few. at the same time i looked at your wrist, and you had the same symbol, but then it disappeared of both our wrists.
Rev: after i had gotten over the shock of seeing it there i heard the rustling again, so i grabbed my steel weapon and cautiously moved over towards the wood, when i was nearly the first tree an almost divine figure dropped down from the trees, its eyes were glowing a pale red colour and its skin was of a leaf green, it body wall tall and thin.
Rev: then it spoke to me in its own language, his voice was barely distinguishable to that of a female voice, but he had that hint of manliness in his body's build. his name is Fingolfin, Fingolfin Sáralondë. he told me of what he wanted me to do and how crucial it was that i do this. in the legends of many books i have read i remembered that elves are very trustworthy
Rev: so i took a chance and did what he asked of me.
Hawkeyep: so what did he ask?
Rev: he wanted me to make sure that we pass by a certain point in the forest and that you see his eyes hiding in the bushes.
Hawkeyep: i am starting to wish i had studied Elven language instead of Dwarven, but the way this story is going i think my knowledge of dwarven language will be needed, u remember that oddly short guy that met us in port barin?
Rev: yeah, what about him?
Hawkeyep: well while he was walking away from us part of his skins came undone at his back and amongst other things i saw a tattoo on his back. i recognized that tattoo and some of those animals from a tale that an old woman once told me. she described that tattoo exactly and some of those skins as mountain goats, and mountain lions.
Hawkeyep: but anyway, the old lady said to me that that tattoo is branded upon the dwarves of the deep stronghold somewhere past the cardina valley. it also fits in with what the dwarf said to us, about that small cave near cardina valley.
Rev: wow, never in my wildest dreams did i think anything like this could happen to us, the dwarf said that we were two of the chosen ones so maybe there are others with that symbol on our wrists??
Hawkeyep: yeah maybe there is but for now i am going back to sleep, we don't have long before we are supposed to meet this king dude.
Rev: yer alright

*minutes later*

*Fingolfin Sáralondë walks in the door and wakes Hawkeyep and Rev up*
Fingolfin Sáralondë: you have half an hour untill you are to meet with my father, the King
hawkeyep: what did he say rev?
Rev: he said we have half an hour till we meet his Father...the King
Fingolfin Sáralondë: you are to have a shower, get dressed and do you hair.
Rev: did u just say that the King is you father?
Fingolfin Sáralondë: yes i did
Rev: hawkeyep, you just shouted at the prince of the elves of Beromi!
*hawkeyep's eyes widely open*
*rev struggles to hold his laughter at the look on hawkeyep's face*
Hawkeyep: uh oh... tell him i am truly sorry for my out burst Prince Sáralondë, i did not mean any disrespect.
*Rev relays the message from hawkeyep*
Fingolfin Sáralondë: its ok, maybe you will learn for next time *mutters under his breath: well you better anyway because if it wasn't for my father id have you two slaughtered*
*rev bows as a sign of respect and tell hawkeyep what the elf prince said*
*Fingolfin Sáralondë bows back*
Fingolfin Sáralondë: now get ready to meet the King!
*Fingolfin Sáralondë walks out the door*
Rev: wow, you really put your foot in it this time hawkeyep
hawkeyep: yeah yeah, what ever, lets just get this over with already.

*25 minutes later*

*Fingolfin Sáralondë appears at the door to find Rev all dressed and ready and hawkeyep trying to fix up his hair at the mirror*
Fingolfin Sáralondë: come on human, we don't have all day
Hawkeyep: what did he say?
Rev: its nearly time to meet the king
Hawkeyep: oh right
Rev: ok Prince, we are ready to go
Fingolfin Sáralondë: very well then, follow me.
*Fingolfin Sáralondë walks out the door and on towards the north-west*
*rev tells hawkeyep to follow, then he walks out trough the door and catches up to Fingolfin*
*they walk for 5 minutes before finally coming across a magnificent palace and Fingolfin motions them inside*
*Fingolfin walks in first with his head bowed closely followed by Rev and hawkeyep doing the same*
Elrohir Sáralondë: ahh welcome friends, c'mon stop that bowing thing, i never did like it, it stops me seeing your faces.
Fingolfin Sáralondë: sorry father *Fingolfin walks up and sits on the throne to the left of The king*
Rev: good afternoon my King
Elrohir Sáralondë: bahh what are ya still standing for, sit sit!
*rev sits down and tell hawkeyep to do the same*
Rev: pardon me but are you going to explain why you have brought us here?
Elrohir Sáralondë: yes i suppose i can do that.
Elrohir Sáralondë: you two are two of the three chose ones, it has been foretold by our elders, and our ancient enemy's the dwarves elders, that the three chosen ones will be the ones who can talk peace with the dwarves and the elves. the three of you combined will have enough power to make the elders of both races believe that our ancient blood feud is all a mistake.
Elrohir Sáralondë: it is going to take all you 3 have to convince everyone that the wars we have been fighting for the past thousands of years are useless and mean nothing but tragedy, but some believe you can do it.
Elrohir Sáralondë: now i have brought you here to tell you as the King of the Beromi Elves we are willing to end this feud once and for all, we have lost too many good warriors and we are running out of able bodied men, and our spies report that the dwarvers are in the same situation if not a little better. if we keep up this fighting then we are just going to end up like the nagaromi, the barktomi and the sjirkomi.
Elrohir Sáralondë: We do not agree with how you Humans treated them but they did have it coming, they claimed to own that land but really they have no rights to it, at the time we were too busy fighting with the dwarves to care about tribes as small as them but now it does not matter because they are rarely seen around anymore.
Rev: so you mean to tell me that Hawkeyep, my self and one other person are destined to stop an age old blood war?
Elrohir Sáralondë: in short... yes
*hawkeyep looks at the bewildered shock on rev's face and is wondering what is going on*
hawkeyep: Rev what has happened? what is going on?
Rev; ill tell you later hawkeyep
*hawkeyep growls then goes back to being quiet*
Elrohir Sáralondë: you two are representatives of the human kind, we are offering a peace treaty with the Humans. we are willing to co-operate with your kind as long as you leave us in peace. in time we may offer some of your people a place in our magnificent kingdom but for now we only want to be left alone. do you understand Rev?
Rev: yes, but i have one question, how do you know my name? i have not said it in the elven language yet?
Elrohir Sáralondë: i know the whole story of the chose ones backwards, i know all your names, i even know stuff about yourself that you do no even know yet.
Rev: so you can tell me name of the third chose one?
Elrohir Sáralondë: yes i can, in fact it is the one you call Mskwik. last i heard he was ruling your kind, is he still?
Rev: Yeah he is, but i have never met him before, he is always surrounded by many fans his legacy is so great, does he know he is a chose one
Elrohir Sáralondë: yes he does, i told him myself when i saw him last.
Rev: you know him?
Elrohir Sáralondë: yes i do indeed, he saved my only son from certain death.
Rev: wow and so his legacy grows.
Elrohir Sáralondë: well is there anything more you need to know before i send you back to mskwik?
Rev: yeah, what can you tell me about the dwarves?
Elrohir Sáralondë: well they are a brutal force, there short n stumpy with rough voices, they don't like the sunlight so they stay deep down in their dirty holes in the ground they call home.
Elrohir Sáralondë: mskwik has met with them as well but i am not sure what that was about.
Rev: ok thank you for your help, its gonna be hard to explain all of this to hawkeyep but i am sure i will manage
Elrohir Sáralondë: ha ha ha, well he is destined for the dwarves so pigheadedness suits him
Rev: what? what do u mean he is destined for the dwarves?
Elrohir Sáralondë: uh oh, i have said to much. you will leave NOW!
*Rev reluctantly gets up and drags hawkeyep along with him out the door*
*once the two humans are out the door he calls in his guards and tells them to escort the two humans as fast as possible to the edge of the forest where they entered, also give them back their weapons and collect their amour from their room*
*the guards nod them rush out the door*

*hours later at the out skirts of the forest*

Hawkeyep: so are you going to explain what the King said yet?
Rev: yeah i suppose.
*rev explains everything that the king said to his long time friend, but he leaves out the part where the king said “after all he is destined to the dwarves”*
Hawkeyep: ok cool...when do we sleep?
Rev: Gahh, you bafoon! go to sleep when you like, i am changing our course, we are now going to head strait to the dwarvern...*rev hears snoring in the background and looks around to see hawkeyep asleep and using his backpack as a pillow*
*rev gives up and goes to sleep as well*

Rev: Hawkeyep, are you awake yet?
Hawkeyep: no, go away
Rev: no serious we gotta get packed up and head of to cardina valley.
Hawkeyep: now?
Rev: yes its midday already and we've been resting here for the past 2 days
Hawkeyep: oh yer
Rev: c'mon lets get ready

*20 minutes later*

Rev: ok have we got everything?
Hawkeyep: yeah i think so
Rev: awesome, lets head out.
Hawkeyep: ok, ive got us planned to move out west and explore unopos mesa.
Rev: hawkeyep weren't u listening the other night? i said we are changing course, we are heading straight for cardina.
hawkeyep: but why, i thought we came here to explore the whole of Beromi
Rev: originally yes, but i fear we have stumble upon something even more important.
Hawkeyep: and what might that be?
Rev: ugh! the elves! and the dwarves, we are 2 other the chosen ones! have u forgotten already?
Hawkeyep; nah i was just teasing you, lead the way.
Rev: haha, ok lets go
Rev: we are going back to Haldos Outpost, then we are going directly west to cardina and finally north to cardina valley.
Hawkeyep: sounds like a plan.

*they walked for hours up to Haldos Outpost, then west to cardina without running into any trouble at all. they thought that was a good sign*
*they arrived in cardina to see the smithy and furnace being built, it was coming along just nicely, it was all being overseen by the famed steel smiths of the time, allycat, tiggger, diabloii and marklaah.*
*it was all going fine until they heard screaming voices coming from up north, and sure enough running down towards town were the miners Devil Girl, Deany 7 and Leonkennedy. apparently something had stirred down in the deep mine shafts.*
*just then Gunsmoke, Moc 1 and Aurora came out of their huts in the small village, they ordered everyone out of the way and asked the miners what happened*

Moc 1: What has happened here, why have you stopped mining?
Devil Girl: theres something in the mines, i thought you said you had cleared EVERYTHING out!.
Gunsmoke: We did, we made sure of it
Deany 7: well obviously you didnt, there is something still in there and we arent going back untill it is gone!.
Leonkennedy: yer thats right.
moc1: fine we will go take another look, call bolleke and tell her to look after the town while we are gone.
Worker: yes sir.
moc1: comeon Gunsmoke and Aurora i wanna get back here before dark.
Gunsmoke: alright lets go
Aurora: Righty'o
*just as the famed fighters were about to leave they noticed Hawkeyep and Rev standing near the edge of town*
moc1: Hey you two, explain your selves, who are you and what are you doing sneaking around this town!.
Hawkeyep: we are just travelers, we heard the outburst and were just curious.
Gunsmoke: moc we don't have time for them, lets just get up to the mines and get back home
Rev: we can help you, we will come to the mines with you to make sure nothing happens.
moc1: HA what can you two pipsqueaks do to help us, by the look of you you couldn't even carry my weapon.
*with that last remark hawkeyep and rev pull out there Elite Katanas, and remove their cloaks to reveal full suits of steel armour and then they pull out their steel full helms from their backpacks and place them on their heads, this surprises almost everyone in town, the only ones who don't look surprised is allycat and tiggger, its seems they had a part to play in making that armor*
*moc, gunsmoke and Aurora recover quickly from the shock and then talk amongst themselves*
moc1: ok we have decided you can be useful, instead of us going to check out the caves, you two can!.
Hawkeyep: we did not say we wanted to go alone, we just said we would like to help
Rev: *whispers to haweyep* what are you doing, it could be the dwarevs in the cave, we cant risk anyone else finding out about them yet.
hawkeyep: *whispers back* oh yer, right
Hawkeyep: actually we will go bye our selves. we do not need your help anyway.
gunsmoke: so be it, report back to us if you make it out alive.
Rev: will do.
moc1: Worker, come back here, don't bother getting bolleke, she is not needed anymore.
Worker: yes sir.
hawkeyep: ok i think enough has been said, we will leave now for cardina valley.
Devil Girl: goodbye and good luck
mec1: yeah they will need it.

*hawkeyep and rev leave town and start heading north*

Rev: do you think it is the dwarves?
hawkeyep: i have no doubt it is, i am the expert on them after all. i think they have been watching us since we got to haldos outpost, they cleared the cave because they knew we were coming.
Rev: wow they're pretty smart for a race that spends most of its life underground.
Hawkeyep: do you know what they do under there?
Rev: nope, haven't got a clue.
Hawkeyep: ugh, ah well you will see soon.
Rev: yer i suppose.

*hours later*

Hawkeyep: yay, finally we are coming close to cardina valley.
Rev: how do you no?
Hawkeyep: because i can see the signs of the Dwarves.
Rev: what, were?
Hawkeyep: on the valley walls, there to small for you to notice and i can't be bothered explaining it to you.
Rev: oh fine then.
hawkeyep: There it is! the cave.
Rev: over there on the left?
Hawkeyep: yep thats the one.
Rev: good, its about time we made it, to think those miners ran all the way to cardina from here.
Hawkeyep: they didn't, the cave they were digging in was an hour or two back south.
Rev: WHAT! how did u know to come all the way up here.
Hawkeyep: do u remember that night at the forest, when u saw the elf?
Rev: yes, what about it?
Hawkeyep: well the same thing happened to me last night when we were camped outside cardina.
hawkeyep: you were sound asleep when i heard this gruff little voice coming from near by, it sounded like he was saying my name, i was going to wake you up but then it spoke to me in its dwarvern language, it told me “no leave him there, it is you i want to speak to”
hawkeyep: i just layed there quiet, i didn't know what to do, i didn't know if he meant me harm or not, so i said back to him, what do you want? he replied “its about time you came, its been almost two weeks after i met you at the place you humans call “port barin”, but that doesn't matter, what does matter is that you have come. tomorrow when you set of for cardina valley you aren't supposed to stop at the mines.
Hawkeyep: «you must keep walking for 2 more of your human hours until you find out signs on the valley walls, they will tell you where the cave is. we will scare all of the miners out of the first cave and cardina valley, so they wont bother you when you just keep walking. when you reach our cave you must make sure you weren't followed, you then enter and show the guards your wrist, by that time the symbols should be glowing.
Hawkeyep: ok, i understand all of that, but..., he left in the middle of my question, i didn't even get to say it all.
Rev: ok thats cool, so were we followed?
hawkeyep: nope, ive been watching our back for hours now, and theres no sign of anyone.
Rev: ok then, lets go to the cave
*hawkeyep and rev walk up to the cave, and just as they near the top Rev notices that hawkeyeps wrist is glowing, he points its out to hawkeyep and notices his own wrist is doing the same*
hawkeyep: yup, just as the dwarf said they would.
Rev: hey do you think the dwarf knows as much about us as the Elven king?
hawkeyep: yeah, i reckon he does
Rev: ok thats cool.
Safhor Ironcutter: HALT! who goes there?
hawkeyeP: we are humans, we have come here in search of the dwarves? are you a dwarf?
Safhor Ironcutter: yes i am, how did u know we where here?
hawkeyep: one of your kind told us, he said to show you the symbols on our wrists *hawkeyep then presents his glowing wrist for the dwarf to examine*
*Safhor Ironcutter takes one look at it and yells out something in dwarven language down the tunnel*
Safhor Ironcutter: you may continue, but be aware, i am one of the only dwarves who can speak English.
hawkeyep: *speaks in dwarvern language* and i am one of the only humans who can speak dwarvern
*hawkeyep laughs at the confused look on the dwarf's face then continues down the tunnel*
Rev: well looks like you will have to be my translator for the evening.
hawkeyep: not necessarily, i could just ignore you and leave u in the dark.
Rev: hey thats not funny!

*hawkeyep laughs and goes further down the tunnel*

*In the presence of the High King Gallu Honorminer*

Nronn Pickhunter: my king, we have word from the southern caves, the humans, they are here and are making their way here to the deep strong hold.
Gallu Honorminer: thank you Nronn, high council member, i will need to speak to them strait away, send out two guard to go find them and bring them straight to me.
Nronn Pickhunter: yes my king
*Nronn leaves the room and calls over the nearest guard and tells them of Gallu's word, they immediately head of south to find the humans who are no doubt lost in the maze of caverns*
*5 minutes later the guards return with Hawkeyep and Rev*
Gallu Honorminer: ahh, welcome hawkeyep.
hawkeyep:*speaks in dwarvern* it's you, the dwarf from the other night?
Gallu Honorminer: yes it is i, i trust you noticed my crown this time?
hawkeyep: yes i did *bows* what is your name?
Gallu Honorminer: my name, is High King Gallu Honorminer, i am the last Honorminer in this clan of dwarves, but i plan on living a few hundred years, so there is plenty of time to make an heir, HAHAHA
hawkeyep: wow, i have heard of the honorminers, they are supposedly one of the most trustworthy names around?
Gallu Honorminer: yes that is true, but we will talk about that later, for now we must talk business.
hawkeyep: of course, my companion does not speak dwarvern so i will have to translate for him.
Gallu Honorminer: yes alright.
Gallu Honorminer: ok you have been brought here because you are wo of the chosen ones.
hawkeyep: yes we know, we visited the elves a few nights ago and they have explained most of this.
Gallu Honorminer: Bahh! i knew i smelt something rotten.
Gallu Honorminer: but anyway that doesnt matter, our forces are running low, very low i fear. we cannot stand another assault on our stronghold. it has been foretold that the three chosen ones can bring about peace between waring kinds, such as the elves and dwarves.
Gallu Honorminer: i have brought you here to tell you we will co-operate, i speak for the whole dwarvern strong hold, and for my self, not even this ancient blood fued is worth risking our lives for anymore, we need you to set up a cease fire if this can be done, we may even let your kind join us one day.
hawkeyep: a true honour indeed.
Gallu Honorminer: yes, i am glad you see that, we can teach your human smiths ways of smithing that they wouldnt of thought of in a millin years, god only knows it took us that long to figure them out, we can also show you new ores and metals but that will all come in time.
hawkeyep: i understand
hawkeyep: we must leave at once, we need to speak to our great leader mskwik and tell him the news, for if anyone can make this cease fire happen, it is him!
Gallu Honorminer: very well
Gallu Honorminer: GUARDS! get out my fastest horses and take these men where ever they wish to go.
Guards: Yes sir!

*hawkeyep and rev are motioned to go with the guards, they follow them out of the tunnel to four horses, they climb aboard that then watch two leather gladden dwarves hoplessly try and climb abourd their steeds*
*after the 6th dwarth has comeover to help and finally they succeed on getting the two on the horses one of them speaks to hawkeyep to find out where they are heading*
hawkeyep: we wish to go to Haldos Outpost, our leader is suposedly camped there for the time being.
Guard: yes sir

*with that they set of behind the mountains of the quickest rout to the Outpost*

Soon to Come – An Ending

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