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Ok, this is the place to find all the information on the two new kingdoms. I will give you a basic run-down (and also provide you the links) on the Odtoni Kingdom and the Erfdar Kingdom. The links will show you all the specifics of each kingdom. Including the towns and what you can do in them.

First, when these kingdoms were in the planning stage, they started out as Elven and Dwarven (an underwater Kingdom was also planned but later scrapped). Most things were planned around this basic idea: the Elves get bonus woodcutting things and the Dwarves get bonus mining things. This was changed during planning, instead of being massive bonuses like was originally planned, it has become close to insignificant bonuses. Thus, it evens the kingdoms out more.

One example of these small changes would be the Hatchets and Pickaxes of the two different kingdoms. so:

Elven Pickaxe: -3 Mining time
Dwarven Pickaxe: -4 Mining time

Elven Hatchet: -4 Woodcutting time
Dwarven Hatchet: -3 Woodcutting time

Another example is:

Adamantine is the ore of the Elves.
Mithral is the ore of the Dwarves

Another example is:

Adamantine only makes weapons.
Mithral only makes armour

As mskwik programs all the kingdoms, he does his very best to keep them even. Making the decision of choosing a kingdom, or staying neutral, just that much harder. Choosing a kingdom could be considered a hard choice, if you choose one you are not happy with it become quite expensive (taking into account the quest you need to do to give up your faldorianship and join Erfdar or Odtoni). The decision is a hard one and you need to work it out on yourself. From what I have heard you need alot of code books to join Odtoni and tubas/piano's to join Erfdar.

the way these kingdoms work is basically the same as the kingdom you started in, Faldor. you do everything the same, except in new spots and with higher level requirements, so the kingdoms are for the more advanced players. every kingdom has the basics, fishing, woodcutting, mining, cooking, smithing...etc but the kingdoms also have bonuses, like new items, higher level equipment and so on... depending on your chosen skill(s) which kingdom might be best for you. i suggest researching closely once all the information on the kingdoms i gathered, there might be small things in one kingdom that could be better for you.

This is how it looked the say the kingdoms were open to new comers.

The Kingdoms are Open! (3/4/07):
11:43:51 Rumors have been spreading of people at Hevalus Jungle disappearing, there is no official news yet, but it seems the army is being called in to investigate
11:45:52 Those in charge of the investigation at Hevalus still report no comment, but they have closed all the roads coming in and say that anyone remaining there does so at their own risk
12:15:52 While Hevalus still remains closed information has been getting out, they say that several Faldorian citizens were kidnapped by soldiers from another kingdom
12:16:12 Rumor has it that the Queen herself has gone to Hevalus to negotiate with their representatives
12:36:12 The negotiations at Hevalus have proven successful and an announcement has been made
12:36:32 Faldor has signed a non-agression treaty with the nation of Erfdar, an elvish people living deeper in the jungles south of Hevalus
12:36:52 Faldorian citizens are free to travel through Erfdarian lands and will have limited access to resources there. Erfdarian citizens will also have free access to Faldorian lands.
12:37:12 We have also learned from the Erfdarians about another kingdom to the north of our recently acquired territory on Beromi, the kingdom of Odton
12:37:32 Another group of ambassadors has been dispatched to meet with Odtoni representatives
13:17:32 The negotiators sent to Odton have returned with good news
13:17:53 Although Odton and Erfdar have been at war for a long time the Odtoni have also agreed to a treaty with us as well as a cease-fire with the Erfdarians
13:18:13 The terms of the agreement are similar to the Erfdarian treaty, we get access to their territory and limited access to resources

this gives you a small bit of information on the kingdoms already and you can see the FULL story behind the new kingdoms in the links below.

Please note The stories were written by Rev with all copyrights and so forth belonging to Rev and mskwik. they were created under supervision of mskwik and have had him read them and agree to allowing them be put on this site. Thank you.

more links for you to use, these go to the various kingdoms available, and from their you can either go forward to a new link with regards to that kingdom, or back to here and choose a new kingdom to research.

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