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Member Since: 2008-01-30 10:13:00
Active playing time: 304 Days, 5 Hours, 42 Minutes
Member Number: 0000004566
Character Experience: 6,654,306
Character Level: 50
Highest Skill: Harvesting Level 54
Nationality: Erfdarian

LadySharona's Skills

Ranked #915 in Character Experience

Ranked #130 in Cards
Ranked #915 in Character Level
Ranked #1,244 in Combat
Ranked #1,094 in Mining
Ranked #1,039 in Woodcutting
Ranked #970 in Smithing
Ranked #842 in Fishing
Ranked #342 in Crafting
Ranked #130 in Harvesting
Ranked #587 in Magic
Ranked #292 in Trading
Ranked #1,002 in Speed
Ranked #861 in Construction
Ranked #498 in Cooking

Monsters killed by LadySharona

She likes to watch football
, her favorite teams are the New England Patriots , Minnesota Vikings and the Miami Dolphins, She also like the Washington Redskins.
She likes to fish
, hunt and garden
. She has 2 Minature Pinchers, both are males,,Rudy, a black and tan,,,Max a red one. They are her babies now as her own children have grown & blessed her with grandchildren. She spends time

taking care of her mom & sister in Vassalboro,Maine USA.
She likes country music
and the oldies
. She loves to crotchet, & do puzzles. She has a Nintendo DS 
and a Game Boy. And She likes most rpg games

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