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Lets try to keep this clean people. Please. – Jasom

The unspoken rules of movoda (As added by Widdie, feel free to contribute):
1. When you leave a guild, the following applies:
1.1 If you are a new member and haven't been with the guild for more than a month:
1.1.1 Return all equipment, if you want to keep anything, clear with the leader before you leave
1.1.2 Return all guild resources
1.1.3 Keep special food earned while working with the guild, if it has been allocated to you. If you have rights and have taken any, return that as well.
1.1.4 If you are in doubt, leave with what you came with, nothing more and nothing less.

1.2 If you have been with the guild for a while and contributed to the guild and help it grow
1.2.1 Keep your equipment, you have likely earned it. Silver and very expensive items are a grey area, beware when leaving with this.
1.2.2 Return all guild resources. You have contributed to the guild. It belongs to the guild. Never think that because you have contributed to the guild, you can take resources, especially harvestables. This is one sure way to get branded as a thief.
1.2.3 Keep all special food earned while working with the guild

2. Never take anything from guild stores before you leave. Anything you have added, you have contributed to the guild. Its guild resources and you forfeited your right to it the moment you added it to the guild stores.

3. Never take anything else from the guild as “payment” for your contribution. There is no such thing as “payment” for services rendered. You are a guild member and you contribute to the greater good of the whole. Not the other way around.

Remember your name is all you have in movy. Get it blackened and it can only cause you grief.

The List:

unless there is proof there has been a theft and you can back it up do not post it

This page has been started to warn other players of players that have been caught stealing from Guilds or their Members!

Note: If the Mistake was fixed or corrected there name does not belong here then and will be deleted.

1. joe50~ Stole from Sane?
2. Dooded ~ joing my guild, we gave him supplies to start and left. Grr
3. skittlez10672 ~ Stole from Do W? and blamed stuff on his guild members for 
giving it to him to sell and make a profit.
4. Kittyru ~ took 500 tomatoes and 100 penos from JACK
Additional People-
5. (()) ~ Deleted All the Names on list before Jebus Fixed it.
6. dylane89~ Deleted the Thieves list, Twice, before and after Gwachitallemalla fixed it.
7. swordman opened new account, same player as skittlez10672 (see above) this player has removed his name several times from thieve list (see revisions) and has changed players wikis and is cheating at auctions with the buyout..
8. Saculelas – Stole Death Scythe, heirloom rod, So MR, several nag spears and conveniently 'forgot' to donate stuff. Than left 'conveniently' after starting a fuss without returning the stuff he took out. At first he said he was going to give it back, but then sold the rod and who knows what else. Stole some basic things he said he needed from the DDM~ guildies.
(who was this stolen from what guild did he leave? MAD)
9.anferneebman-also know as gameboy, asks for food a lot, and tries to sell it
10. Yu-Gi-Oh – Stole from The Titans
11. snork- stole from SotA~
12. nightmare666 is selling a 100 capacity speed 2 boat for 1,000 vessi (Buy) <— stole this from kenzi :(
13M00N took armour and food from my guild then left.
14. kintle182 cleared out two entire storage-houses from Legend and left to join TK, dumping all of our goodies into their storage houses before they booted him from guild. Give me a break. He was inactive 18 days and was three days from being booted from guild for inactivity. <— Link to list of items he stold.
15.fraser67 Took over 400 penos, over 500 wood, over 500 bass and much more from our guild.
16. wesley – stole from TAOM
17. (( paul korea)) – Harvested some guild mushrooms and sold it, after being warned its theft. (olympus) 09:13:34 paul korea: omg i am not a multi i have never used tha account
18.Godar Destroyed every building from the Riddlers
19. Chiddiru Stole from ghost
462 Sandbar Sharks, 656 tuna, and 200 cooked salmon.
“ All returned”
20.Frogger_7 given house to use while in guild, then left week later and kept it after messages asking for it back
bluedragon stole from peace gh and sold it back to guild
21. Theguy Stole From Mt.O. He repaid what he believed the crops were worth that he took from us which overall was even less that what he got for them.<— After several days and making a public post he finally finished paying what was owed+ some. Sad that it took all that to do it.
22. Removed by guinevere
23. thieves list not an infor mation page!
24. dark_flare24 stole -time foods, logs/lumber and fruits/veggies from Riddlers
25. Chiddiru (player 6190) Returned the 157k
22:47:27 Borindor[Na Wt Y]: Chiddiru would like to give you 157000 Vessi. Accept Trade
26. Who r u removed 1000 peno's when asked to return some soon after logged. When logged in later and was asked to return them Logs for that player showed no such report.Member Number: 0000011627 Just in case he does a name change – Who r u has changed his name to death7531, just a heads up for people – Andi
27.Hade player id 6771 Stole 40k stone + worth items .
28. Despero Stole some stuff from ANZACS (unsure exactly what)
29> Bramble stole a load of stuff from storage. Listed below under proof.
30. Hubba Bubba – Stole items and vessi, valued at approximately 600k+ from Rejects
31. Bizzzaro / Nar? Garzhvog(name change) – stole from psycho ward inmates and admitted it in world chat and forums post, message tree hugging hippy freak for a complete list

People who were on the thieves list and kindily removed there own names


2. – stole from PMS <— removed by Guinevere
3. paul korea – sold guild veggies
3. Nar Garzhvog

Post Below if You have Proof

Proof that dylan e89 is Voris 12:
from Do W? clan chat:
23:00:24 dylan e89[Do W?]: i dont get it how they found out though
23:00:40 farmerboy[Do W?]: huh
23:00:49 dylan e89[Do W?]: how did they find out im voris
23:01:38 farmerboy[Do W?]: u proubly log both in at one and log out at the same time and have the same ip adress the mod know *edit* like that
23:01:59 farmerboy[Do W?]: how many account do u
23:02:13 farmerboy[Do W?]: voris12, voris, dylan e89
23:02:19 dylan e89[Do W?]: this and voris
23:02:19 farmerboy[Do W?]: if i am right
23:02:33 dylan e89[Do W?]: voris isnt me
23:02:48 dylan e89[Do W?]: there was another person named voris
23:17:30 farmerboy[Do W?]: over 3/4 of the people in our guild were theives and we kicked them out and they put a bad name on Do W?
23:18:56 dylan e89[Do W?]: im gone then
23:19:05 farmerboy[Do W?]: more likeley
23:19:32 farmerboy has kicked dylan e89 from the guild


Message from swordman on 2008–04–24 15:45:19

this is skittlez from the other game

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Simple diff XML
2008–05–06 19:29:43 by swordman
2008–04–09 20:49:16 by Dan
2008–03–26 16:17:39 by Severed Light 1209


and he is still editing his wiki as skittles see revisions to that page :

2008–05–06 18:48:39 by swordman
2008–05–06 12:24:40 by Dan
2008–05–02 18:33:44 by swordman
2008–04–29 07:22:24 by Discordia

NOTE: This the thieves list! and not a column for information on wikis being erased. That information should have been reported to the mods for their handling of it. “written by nasta”

NOTE: If the wiki being erased is proof of a thieves identity, especially in the case of multi accounts (see above) then please provide such proof to help identify the thieves. feel free to use common sense when offering proof – Discordia

22:39:21 joe50 has removed 29,542V from Shop Til You Drop....
dracovan has returned from away
22:39:31 joe50 has removed 88 Bearclaw Necklace from Little Dipper
22:39:37 Damien Marlock[Sane?]: joe?
22:39:39 joe50 has removed 6 Costume Mask from Little Dipper
22:39:44 joe50 has removed 27 Bronze Battle Hammer from Little Dipper
22:39:47 Forum > Fight Logs > “Crimson raid against ?" updated by Genesis!
22:39:49 joe50 has left the guil

Logs from SotA~:

snork 2008–08–18 12:25:40Resource log for 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse

snork has removed 1 Bronze Battleaxe from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
snork has removed 1 Bronze Chainmail from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
snork has removed 2 Ring of Life from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
Edit Post – Delete Post
snork 2008–08–18 12:30:18Resource log for 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse

snork has removed 2 Bronze Full Helm from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
snork has removed 1 Kite Shield from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
snork has removed 2 Tinderbox from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
snork has removed 2 Bronze Sabatons from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
snork has removed 4 Bronze Pickaxe from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
snork has removed 1 Nagaromi Belt Buckle from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
snork has removed 2 Bronze Hammer from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
snork has removed 50 Jalapeno Pepper from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
snork has removed 1 Butterfly Knife from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
snork has removed 2 Fishing Rod from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
snork has removed 1 Young Warriors Sword from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
Edit Post – Delete Post
snork 2008–08–18 12:31:40Resource log for 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse

snork has removed 2 Pocketknife from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
Edit Post – Delete Post
snork 2008–08–18 12:32:41Resource log for 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse

snork has removed 1 Fur Coat from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse
Edit Post – Delete Post
snork 2008–08–18 12:33:41Resource log for 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse

snork has removed 1 Bronze Hatchet from 5,000 stone Guild Storehouse

xzero121 was kicked from riddlers for admitting he tried to hack..

!21:39:40 xzero121: fine but if you kick me im going to fun and im takin my 600 tin with me !

and he stole 600 tin

Edit: the tin was returned :)

# ANTi HERo (Remove)
# Billy Mays (Remove)
# Bring Me The Horizon (Remove)
# Foamcups (Remove)
# Moonboots (Remove)
# pewpewlazer (Remove)
all accounts are same person (admitted to it on 11/23/09 10:10pm cali time)

00:02:04 Billy Mays: uhh
00:02:23 Scruffy[Hope]: hi billy
00:02:31 Billy Mays: hiya scruff
00:02:46 Tori Lou 87[Hope]: back from the dead
00:02:56 Billy Mays:
Ares has returned from away
00:03:09 Billy Mays: Just goes to show how easy it is to create a multi.
00:03:18 Billy Mays: And I'll be back in the future.
00:03:30 Yoshi-X2[Ti Ta Ns]: Billy Mays
00:03:33 Billy Mays: No weak IP ban can stop me.
00:04:02 Billy Mays: Human mod better hurry up and grab me.
00:04:06 Scruffy[Hope]: he;s invincible
Stoney_Smurf logged out
00:04:15 Billy Mays: Lol. Actually...
Nightfire Phoenix logged in
00:04:23 Billy Mays: I've probably created about 10 different names on this IP address.
Shaniegirl has returned from away
00:04:32 Billy Mays: They're all noobs with like level 3 skills.
zenabrat has returned from away
00:04:35 Billy Mays: Let's see.
Billy Mays logged out
Bring Me The Horizon logged in
00:04:45 Bring Me The Horizon: Here's one.
Bring Me The Horizon logged out
ANTi HERo logged in
00:04:54 ANTi HERo: Here's two.
ANTi HERo logged out
00:04:58 Enialis[sOuLs]:
pewpewlazer logged in
00:05:03 pewpewlazer: Here's three.
pewpewlazer logged out
00:05:07 Scruffy[Hope]: rofl
00:05:08 Veilsound[7Sins]: lmao
00:05:09 Little Lady[BEER]:
Moonboots logged in
00:05:13 Moonboots: Here's 4.
00:05:13 Enialis[sOuLs]:
Moonboots logged out
00:05:19 Tragicallyhip[NWO]: Selling Q coins message me with offers
Billy Mays logged in
00:05:23 Billy Mays: This is 5.
00:05:27 Billy Mays: And Foamcups is 6.
00:05:29 Little Lady[BEER]: special names
Lord Essence has returned from away
00:05:42 Little Lady[BEER]: I knew foamcups and billy mays were the same
00:05:45 Billy Mays: And if you think you can stop me.. You better think twice.
00:05:47 ladyLynn[Ti Ta Ns]: omg
00:05:54 Enialis[sOuLs]: lets see a foamcup login then
00:05:55 Billy Mays: I'm epic at this.
00:05:59 Kairyn[Ti Ta Ns]: aren't you gonna get in big trouble billy?
00:06:01 Yoshi-X2[Ti Ta Ns]: Multi
00:06:01 protect me[Akatsuki]: oh my and why is it allowed to go on I say maybe becasue they dont care?
00:06:06 Billy Mays: Foamcups is muted, otherwise, I'd say “Here's 6.”
00:06:07 ladyLynn[Ti Ta Ns]: what a freak
00:06:10 Billy Mays: Brb.
Billy Mays logged out
Foamcups logged in
farmerboy logged out
00:06:23 protect me[Akatsuki]: finally muted
Foamcups logged out
Billy Mays logged in
00:06:35 Little Lady[BEER]: No life I'd say LL
00:06:40 *Billy Mays karate chops chat. *
00:06:40 ladyLynn[Ti Ta Ns]: pm
00:06:42 Scruffy[Hope]: Foamcups has left the guild theres proof
00:06:50 adora[
?]: anyone else on blue server having lag probs?
Rand has returned from away
00:06:52 Billy Mays: No life. Because it takes 2 seconds to create an account on this game.
00:06:55 Tori Lou 87[Hope]: 00:06:26 Foamcups has left the guild
Argonauticus has returned from away
00:07:03 Tragicallyhip[NWO]: Selling 80 Q coins for 375 ea
00:07:04 Billy Mays: No life is playing on the internet all day showing your daughter no attention.
00:07:08 Billy Mays: Being jealous of Tori.
00:07:18 Little Lady[BEER]:
00:07:19 Tori Lou 87[Hope]:
00:07:20 Billy Mays:
00:07:23 Little Lady[BEER]: I love your assumptions
00:07:32 ladyLynn[Ti Ta Ns]: no life it is LL
00:07:34 Little Lady[BEER]: Botchecking is so hard
00:07:36 Billy Mays: Why assume it? You make it more than obvious.
00:07:43 Little Lady[BEER]:
00:07:51 Billy Mays: Failed parents, much?
00:07:53 Billy Mays:
00:07:57 Little Lady[BEER]: Like I care about ppl in different countries thanme
00:07:57 Billy Mays: Poor little girl.
hungy logged in
00:08:09 Little Lady[BEER]:
00:08:09 Tragicallyhip[NWO]:
00:08:11 babydoll84[Ti Ta Ns]: billy mays you have no right to say stuff like that
00:08:11 Billy Mays: You didn't care while you were flirting around with me.
visfighter logged in
00:08:16 Billy Mays:
00:08:16 Little Lady[BEER]: I love how you think you know me
Snipee Jack has returned from away
00:08:26 Billy Mays: Ody, you better keep your dog on a short leash.
00:08:34 Little Lady[BEER]: Babydoll it is the new thing
00:08:39 Enialis[sOuLs]: ahhh nice and quiet
00:08:42 babydoll84[Ti Ta Ns]: i think you need to stop saying that or nobody will let you join there guild!
00:08:46 Odysseus[BEER]: i get home to a clean house, supper and two kids playing with there mother mays
oskar8 logged in
00:09:00 Little Lady[BEER]: Ody
00:09:21 *sps2868 ssshhhhh hunt'n wabbits..... *
00:09:29 *Tragicallyhip LL I want to experience this thing you call a life too *
00:09:33 Poseidon[NWO]: (If people ignored him, he wouldn't get his kicks. You all in my opinion have been made to look like a tool)
00:09:37 Billy Mays: I'm obviously not worried about joining a guild.
00:09:45 Little Lady[BEER]: It is fun trag
00:09:46 *Tragicallyhip ninja'ed her and off *
Drizzd logged in
00:09:48 Tori Lou 87[Hope]: pose
00:09:48 Billy Mays: Lol Pose. ;P
Billy Mays logged out
00:10:13 babydoll84[Ti Ta Ns]: no ll im tired of new ppl comeing into the game thinking they know everything about everyone just to cause problems
pewpewlazer logged in
00:10:16 Enialis[sOuLs]: pose i iggied him already
00:10:20 pewpewlazer: That account was muted, too.
00:10:25 Yoshi-X2[Ti Ta Ns]: Multi multi multi *edit* them to hell
00:10:27 Little Lady[BEER]: Same here babydoll
00:10:35 Wolfmage[TWD]: ignore who Pose? i dont see who they're talkign to
00:10:38 babydoll84[Ti Ta Ns]: i know im going to i dont like him already!
Marishka logged in
00:10:47 pewpewlazer: You don't have to like me.
00:10:54 pewpewlazer: I'd rather not ugly chicks like me anyway.
00:11:05 pewpewlazer: It's flattering and all.. But.. Just no.
00:11:19 protect me[Akatsuki]: what are yall going on about?
funkenstein logged in
00:11:26 babydoll84[Ti Ta Ns]: dont say mean things and you wont have any problems ok
Igor logged in
00:11:32 pewpewlazer:*edit*.
00:11:35 Veilsound[7Sins]: looks like someone needs a trip to the funny farm
00:11:38 Modinator: pewpewlazer muted – inappropriate topics
00:11:43 Little Lady[BEER]: Dont bother babyd
Poochie has returned from away
Princess Perfect has returned from away
pewpewlazer logged out
00:11:57 sps2868[]-O_0-[]: both young and an idiot...
Bring Me The Horizon logged in
00:11:59 Enialis[sOuLs]: mod
00:12:06 Bring Me The Horizon: Go Mod!
00:12:10 Vash[Crimson]: I hate farms.
00:12:15 Bring Me The Horizon: Mute that cute boy.
00:12:15 Kairyn[Ti Ta Ns]: who says she's ugly anyways
00:12:18 babydoll84[Ti Ta Ns]: good finally someone shuts them up or at least one
00:12:28 Bring Me The Horizon: At least one.
lilmissy174 logged in
Bright Spark logged out
00:12:53 Bring Me The Horizon: Ooo, this account had 25 con. And it's been in retirement for months and months and months.
00:12:54 sps2868[]-O_0-[]: 1 at a time thats how ya do it Mod
00:12:57 babydoll84[Ti Ta Ns]: its ok ll i iggyed them both on my list
00:12:59 Bring Me The Horizon: Just tells you how well the security is around this place.
00:13:02 Wolfmage[TWD]: probably someone looking n the mirror Kairyn, but obviuosly no one of any merit
00:13:03 Vash[Crimson]: Dang. I hate people like that.
00:13:16 Little Lady[BEER]: Exactly wolfie
00:13:17 Bring Me The Horizon: Anyone can create multi's and get away with it.
00:13:20 Vash[Crimson]: Can't go around without bumpin into an army like 'em around here.
00:13:23 Neverland[JACK]: mute, ugly and idiot, perfect combination
00:13:35 Bring Me The Horizon: Lol, ugly..
00:13:36 Lebowski[Co M]:
00:13:43 Bring Me The Horizon: Obviously not talking about me.
Section 8 has returned from away
00:14:02 Tori Lou 87[Hope]:
00:14:05 sps2868[]-O_0-[]: easy to deal with them talk back w/ respect and they will get themselves muted...
00:14:10 Kairyn[Ti Ta Ns]: i hate rude ppl
00:14:11 Scruffy[Hope]: not with your super cool glasses
00:14:12 Gwachitallemalla[Roots]: Vash, what's your main skill again?
00:14:13 Bring Me The Horizon: Well, it was nice knowing you all. I'll stop the trolling now.
Cela Dawn has returned from away
00:14:18 Bring Me The Horizon: I'm going to smoke and do other things.
00:14:23 Bring Me The Horizon: Take care. I'll be back in the near future.
00:14:24 *Veilsound takes some of lebowski's popcorn *
00:14:38 Bring Me The Horizon: Ody, watch your *edit* girlfriend. She was all over my *edit*.
Bring Me The Horizon logged out
00:14:45 Modinator: Bring Me The Horizon muted – inappropriate topics

dark_flare24 stole -time foods, logs/lumber and fruits/veggies from Riddlers
(assumed to be a multi)

20:20:23 range pk has removed 3 Acorn from Seed Supply
20:24:09 Gwork[Mt.O]: hi range, I don't think you can do anything with those acorns
20:25:04 range pk[Mt.O]: hey nah i like the picture
20:25:17 range pk[Mt.O]: becase wev got sa acorn tree
Rowen logged in
20:25:42 range pk[Mt.O]: and the acorns look way diffrent
20:26:04 range pk[Mt.O]: any whay how much are acorns?
20:41:45 range pk[Mt.O]: yeah i was putting them back intill i realised that i was at a diffrent guild compound uhh 
20:43:00 range pk[Mt.O]: i was there in lake e but i weas in diffrent compund
20:43:20 range pk[Mt.O]: din't realised i sold em 
20:47:08 Gold Coin[Mt.O]: so no guild in lake E even buys acorns who did you sell em too
20:47:43 range pk[Mt.O]: i think i sold to some guys at galwi or something
21:04:24 range pk has left the guild

It is a young player who may or may not learn from his mistakes, but currently: He steals.

-Evidence Who r u is a thief.-

There is a new thief on the block
players name Who r u

Removed 1000 Jalapeņo peppers this morning and was asked to return some off them at which point he logged out
Logged in later in the day and was asked to return them By Widow Maker at which point he logged out again
Logged in again and was asked again
Claimed to have returned them to storage.. Which he had not done so 
Players log shows him removing but not returning them
chat log where he claims to have returned them
12:01:57 Andinio[PMS]: Who?
12:02:07 who r u[PMS]: yh 
12:02:24 Andinio[PMS]: Where are those 1,000 peno's?
12:02:27 Andinio[PMS]: We want them back.
12:02:43 who r u[PMS]: i put back
12:03:02 Andinio[PMS]: No you haven't.
12:03:20 who r u[PMS]: i have i only have 100 in my inventory
12:03:31 goddess of love[PMS]: im back
12:03:36 Andinio[PMS]: When did you put these back?
12:03:42 Andinio[PMS]: Apparently.
12:03:53 who r u[PMS]: just before i logged out 
Bigaxe logged out
12:04:24 Rockn Roll[PMS]: your actions the last 3 days who not returned
12:04:37 goddess of love[PMS]: tj and
12:04:39 Andinio[PMS]: Thank you Rockn Roll.
12:04:46 Andinio[PMS]: Where are the Peno's?
12:05:02 Auction > Equipment > “10 Elven Boots” is ending soon, bidding at 641V
12:05:10 Forum > Guilds > “Elite Resistance is Recruiting” updated by silk
username:password logged in
12:05:22 Rockn Roll[PMS]: :love; jayme
12:05:25 Andinio[PMS]: You best start explaining quickly.
12:05:32 Rockn Roll[PMS]: opps
12:05:55 Section 8[Angvs Dem]: Five Finger Death Punch-Bad Company
12:06:09 Andinio[PMS]: Who, don't hide now, fess up.
12:06:16 who r u[PMS]: trust me i did put them back
12:06:22 Slomo[PMS]: i have been online from the moment you took the 1000 out, you havent put them back.
12:06:33 Princess Amber[Angvs Dem]:
12:06:37 Andinio[PMS]: As have been on since then.
12:06:44 who r u[PMS]: i did
12:06:50 cristoff[Ti Ta Ns]: morning Amber
12:06:51 You have a new message “hey” from goddess of love
12:06:55 Andinio[PMS]: Where are they, we have automatic logs showing you put no such thing back into compound.
12:06:57 Rockn Roll[PMS]: so have I been here all day from when you here trying to sell 4 topaz to now
12:06:58 who r u[PMS]: I PUT THEM BACK
12:07:09 Andinio[PMS]: Which place then?
bedlam logged in
12:07:31 who r u[PMS]: seeds to be done thingy
12:07:41 Princess Amber[Angvs Dem]: Morning cristoff
12:07:45 Princess Amber[Angvs Dem]: How are you?
12:08:00 cristoff[Ti Ta Ns]: not bad how are you?
12:08:02 Andinio[PMS]: Fellow guildies WM left instructions on what to do if that happened, whats your verdict?
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YES ..who r u is a thief



2010–08–11 19:38:17 storage -1 Lucky Pick patriarch Equipment patriarch has removed 1 Lucky Pick from Equipment
2010–08–11 19:38:23 storage -5 Mining Band patriarch Equipment patriarch has removed 5 Mining Band from Equipment
2010–08–11 19:38:27 storage -4 Mining Talisman patriarch Equipment patriarch has removed 4 Mining Talisman from Equipment
2010–08–11 19:39:29 storage -1648 Jalapeno Pepper patriarch Uncooked Foods patriarch has removed 1,648 Jalapeno Pepper from Uncooked Foods
19:40:09 patriarch has left the guild

Angelof Death has removed 375 Bunch of Parsley from Taras Sexy Wood Hole
13:14:53 Angelof Death has removed 375 Blue Berry from Taras Sexy Wood Hole
13:14:57 Angelof Death has removed 375 Red Berry from Taras Sexy Wood Hole
13:15:00 Angelof Death has removed 325 Tomato from Taras Sexy Wood Hole
13:17:21 Angelof Death has left the guild
player # 0000014260

Proof that Bramble stole from Area 51

Time Record type Amount Item Player Building Full Message
2011–07–22 00:29:31 Bramble has removed 300 Candy from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:29:36 Bramble has removed 300 Seafood Stir Fry from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:29:38 Bramble has removed 106 Scalloped Oysters from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:29:42 Bramble has removed 300 Tuna Salad from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:29:50 Bramble has removed 133 Fruit Salad from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:29:52 Bramble has removed 140 Fish Kabob from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:30:04 Bramble has removed 4,500 Bait from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:30:09 Bramble has removed 2 Dark Card from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:30:13 Bramble has removed 1 Greenhouse Card from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:30:17 Bramble has removed 1 Elephant Card from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:30:20 Bramble has removed 2 Elven Card from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:30:23 Bramble has removed 10 Hobgoblin Card from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:30:26 Bramble has removed 8 Jungle Card from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:30:31 Bramble has removed 1 Lumber Card from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:30:35 Bramble has removed 1 Mountain Goat Card from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:30:38 Bramble has removed 1 Rhizard Card from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:30:42 Bramble has removed 404 Potato from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:32:01 Bramble has removed 1 Aliki Helm from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:32:04 Bramble has removed 1 Aliki Targe from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:32:07 Bramble has removed 2 Aluminum Clogs from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:32:09 Bramble has removed 4 Aluminum Gauntlets from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:32:12 Bramble has removed 2 Aluminum Plate from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:32:15 Bramble has removed 1 Aluminum Shin Guards from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:32:19 Bramble has removed 4 Barktomi Shinguards from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:32:24 Bramble has removed 34 Butterfly Knife from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:32:30 Bramble has removed 2 Dwarven Boots from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:32:35 Bramble has removed 3 Dwarven Shield from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:32:39 Bramble has removed 45 Heavy Fishing Rod from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:32:43 Bramble has removed 1 Helm of Power from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:32:54 Bramble has removed 40 Mining Charm from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:33:00 Bramble has removed 2 Sharp Pocketknife from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:33:35 Bramble has removed 700 Lumber from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:34:10 Bramble has removed 700 Lumber from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:34:35 Bramble has removed 700 Lumber from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:35:31 Bramble has removed 264 Bone from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:35:37 Bramble has removed 14 Feather from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:36:07 Bramble has removed 1,188 Empty Bottle from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:39:50 Bramble has removed 400 Hardwood Logs from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:40:35 Bramble has removed 2,038 Sharp Tooth from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:41:20 Bramble has added 2,038 Sharp Tooth to Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:41:28 Bramble has removed 331 Cooked Mackerel from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:41:34 Bramble has removed 135 Jalapeno Pepper from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:41:39 Bramble has removed 37 Mushroom from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:41:41 Bramble has removed 23 Apple from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:41:44 Bramble has removed 81 Birthday Cake from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:41:47 Bramble has removed 15 Cooked Flounder from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:42:25 Bramble has removed 500 Cooked Bass from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:44:29 Bramble has removed 578 Cooked Bass from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:44:51 Bramble has removed 200 Hardwood Logs from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:45:45 Bramble has removed 912 Gold Coin from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:46:37 Bramble has removed 202 Hardwood Logs from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:48:21 Bramble has removed 379 Mackerel from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:48:34 Bramble has removed 52 Ivory from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:48:56 Bramble has removed 100 Flounder from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:49:50 Bramble has removed 380 Flounder from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:50:03 Bramble has removed 170 Salmon from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:51:19 Bramble has removed 2,000 Sharp Tooth from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:52:15 Bramble has added 2,000 Sharp Tooth to Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:52:43 Bramble has removed 500 Raw Meat from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:53:59 Bramble has removed 544 Raw Meat from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:57:10 Bramble has removed 500 Logs from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:57:57 Bramble has removed 512 Logs from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:58:24 Bramble has removed 3 Backpack from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:58:27 Bramble has removed 5 Banjo from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:58:31 Bramble has removed 5 Bearclaw Necklace from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:58:34 Bramble has removed 9 Bronze Battle Hammer from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:58:38 Bramble has removed 1 Bronze Battleaxe from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:58:48 Bramble has removed 12 Bronze Sabatons from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:58:51 Bramble has removed 11 Bronze Short Sword from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:58:55 Bramble has removed 1 Bronze Tower Shield from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:59:01 Bramble has removed 30 Costume Mask from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:59:04 Bramble has removed 16 Death Scythe from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:59:08 Bramble has removed 1 Dragonhide Boots from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:59:13 Bramble has removed 1 Dragonskin Jacket from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:59:21 Bramble has removed 6 Elven Boots from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:59:24 Bramble has removed 4 Elven Charm from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:59:27 Bramble has removed 10 Enhanced Iron Dagger from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:59:30 Bramble has removed 1 Enhanced Mythral Dagger from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:59:34 Bramble has removed 1 Full Aluminum Helm from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:59:48 Bramble has removed 39 Harvesting Figurine from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:59:53 Bramble has removed 1 Katana from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 00:59:57 Bramble has removed 50 Leather Apron from Hangar 18
2011–07–22 01:00:15 Bramble has removed 1,300 Sharp Tooth from Hangar 18

Purdurable / Final Getsugatensho / Goliath ( Member Number: 0000012565 ) robbed TEAM May 8th 2011 but returned most items except for 2–3k stews, claimed it was actually his friend that hacked his account while he was out for the night and apoligized. July 22,2012 he robbed DTQ... emptied stores of over a million vessi, stole all their cards, silver cards clip, seafood platters, stirfrys, all their veggies, 465 Q coins and much much more.

Nereus / Ebisu / Vitriol / Charon?- Player Number 1333
Stole all of Crimsons crafting foods. Never gave anything back, or explained anything. Afterwards he acted like he did not know who i was, and called me a creep for trying to talk to him. All in all, he stole all the crafting food, changed his name, and acted like he doesnt know anybody.

Rhandaltor steals pibirds spells.