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Beloved husband of Bluemoondebi


Member Since: 2009-05-19 13:11:02
Active playing time: 711 Days, 16 Hours, 46 Minutes
Member Number: 0000010225
Character Experience: 17,340,207
Character Level: 64
Highest Skill: Cooking Level 69
Nationality: Erfdarian
Guild: Fun
Guild Position: Leader

bencedin's Skills

Bencedin is Ranked #544 in Character Level

Ranked #234 in Woodcutting
Ranked #82 in Construction
Ranked #1,638 in Combat
Ranked #74 in Cooking
Ranked #527 in Crafting
Ranked #160 in Fishing
Ranked #381 in Harvesting
Ranked #744 in Magic
Ranked #1,053 in Mining
Ranked #2,548 in Smithing
Ranked #932 in Speed
Ranked #1,406 in Trading
Ranked #1,060 in Cards

Monsters killed by bencedin

This page has a list of all the effects of the foods in Movoda, ordered by effect

Normal Food HP Restored Nationality
Birthday Cake +19 HP Restored Holiday Item
Apple Pie +18 HP Restored Faldorian
Oyster Casserole +16 HP Restored Faldorian
Meat Pie +16 HP Restored Erfdarian
Lobster Roll +15 HP Restored Odtoni
Cooked Salmon +10 HP Restored All 
Meatloaf +9 HP Restored All 
Cooked Haddock +8 HP Restored All 
Cooked Flounder +7 HP Restored All 
Cooked Bass +6 HP Restored All 
Shark Steak +6 HP Restored All 
Cooked Meat +5 HP Restored All 
Easter Egg +5 HP Restored Holiday Item
Flatbread +5 HP Restored Erfdarian
Tuna Steak +5 HP Restored All 
Bunch of Raisins +4 HP Restored All 
Cooked Mackerel +4 HP Restored All 
Apple +3 HP Restored All 
Oyster Meat +3 HP Restored Faldorian
Parsnip +3 HP Restored All 
Peach +3 HP Restored All 
Pear +3 HP Restored All 
Plum +3 HP Restored All 
Tomato +3 HP Restored All 
Tomato Sauce +3 HP Restored All 
Bunch of Grapes +2 HP Restored All 
Fine Whiskey +2 HP Restored Quest Item
Green Pepper +2 HP Restored All 
Turnip +2 HP Restored All 
Blue Berry +1 HP Restored Erfdarian
Bottle of Berry +1 HP Restored Quest Item
Bottle of Water +1 HP Restored All 
Bunch of Cilantro +1 HP Restored All 
Bunch of Parsley +1 HP Restored All 
Memory Restoration Potion +1 HP Restored Quest Item
Red Berry +1 HP Restored Odtoni
Tortilla +1 HP Restored Odtoni

Restoring Food Effects Nationality
Beetle Goulash +2 HP for 20 minutes Erfdarian
Chili +1 HP Restore for 40 Minutes Odtoni
Magic Fishstick +4 MP Restored All 
Mint Tea +6 MP Restored All 
Muffin +1 MP for 40 minutes Erfdarian
Herbal Tea +1 MP Restore for 35 Minutes All 

Minus time Food Effects Nationality
Bottle of Soup -2 Fishing Time for 20 Minutes All 
Seafood Platter -2 Mining Time for 30 Minutes All 
Bottle of Juice -1 Smelting Time for 20 Minutes All 
Stone Soup -1 Cooking Time for 15 minutes Holiday Item
Rhizard Stew -2 Cooking Time for 30 minutes Monster Drop
Stew -2 Woodcutting Time for 30 Minutes All 
Fried Steak -2 Construction Time for 25 minutes Odtoni
Mushroom -3 Casting Time for 15 Minutes All 
Fruit Salad -3 Harvesting Time for 30 Minutes Faldorian
Spaghetti Platter -3 Smithing Time for 25 Minutes All 
Shark Squibs -3 Woodcutting Time for 20 Minutes Erfdarian
Fish Kabob -3 Planting Time for 30 minutes Erfdarian
Pizza -4 Crafting Time for 30 Minutes All 
Raisin Bread -4 Crafting Time for 25 minutes Faldorian
Seafood Stir Fry -1 Fishing Time for 30 minutes Erfdarian
Peach Brandy -3 Planting Time for 25 minutes, +2 Planting Failure for 30 minutes Erfdarian
Bottle of Vodka -3 Smithing Time for 25 minutes, -2 Smithing Success for 30 minutes Odtoni
Hard Cider -3 Mining Time for 25 minutes, -5 Gem Finding for 30 minutes Odtoni
Bottle of Wine -4 Crafting Time for 25 minutes, -2 Crafting Success for 30 minutes Faldorian
Plum Preserves -2 Random Attacks for 30 minutes Faldorian

Plus Skill Food Effects Nationality
Bottle of Rum -1 Agility for 30 minutes, +2 Attack for 25 minutes Neutral
Stuffed Pepper +1 Crafting Success for 30 Minutes Faldorian
Lobster Gazpacho +1 Magic Defense for 15 Minutes Odtoni
Taco +1 Max Spell Damage for 15 Minutes Odtoni
Tuna Casserole +2 Gem Finding for 30 Minutes Erfdarian
Scalloped Oysters +1 Smithing Success for 40 Minutes Faldorian
Candy +1 Speed for 15 Minutes Holiday Item
Jalapeno Pepper +2 Speed for 20 Minutes All 
Salsa +3 Speed for 20 Minutes Odtoni
Bottle of Beer +3 Speed for 25 minutes, -1 Agility for 30 minutes All
Berry Cordial +1 Trading Exp for 25 minutes, -5 Speed for 30 minutes Erfdarian
Quiche +5 Spell Length for 30 minutes Erfdarian
Deviled Eggs +1 Monster Drops for 30 minutes Odtoni
Molasses Cookie +1 Wood Cut for 25 minutes Faldorian

Materials Effects Nationality
Bottle of Poison Used in Crafting All 
Dough Cooking Ingredient All 
Ground Meat Cooking Ingredient All 
Lobster Meat Cooking Ingredient Odtoni
Pike Material Erfdarian