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My Stats

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About Me

Name's Jerad, don't forget it. On movoda ya'll know me as Re Be L. I'm 29, married, 3 kids, from the states. Living in Detroit, MI. but from Texas. The Greater State of Texas!

Anyway, I play a few games...really just this and syrnia because I can't leave my friends in syrnia behind over there. I do a lot of graphic design as a hobby and an extra source of income. I also contract work for the military...'nough said about that. Those are pictures of me over in Iraq when I was in the Army. I just got out about a year and half ago.

Now let's talk about more important things. Oh! Ya, I'm sexy...I'm bringing it back :D

This is House Hold Six, my Spousal Unit, or my wife to you civilian folks. Ya, she is pretty cool. No stupid comments from the idiots please. Babsy can vouch for this and I am taking a chance on putting some of these pictures up...but I don't joke around with stupid disrespectful comments...playing or not....when it comes to my wife and kids...there is no joking.

Moving on...

This is my oldest son. Jerad Junior. He's a pimp for real. Don't even try saying he looks like his mom cause he is like a small duplication of me! But ya this kid is cool. Very detailed and into winning at everything he does. Six years old and a Green Belt in Karate ain't no joke.

This kid is my youngest boy. Sebastian...he is going to be the death of me. Wild and crazy as hell. Don't know where he gets that from...I feel for his teacher when he starts school. It's not him being disrespectful or anything it is he is just all about having fun.

This is my new baby girl that has me tied to her little finger. She's just awesome. Such a happy, smiliey baby.She cracks me up. I can sit there all day playing with her and have a blast. It's so weird... lol

So here are some things I believe in. I am all about the troops/military. I don't care for your thoughts on the war or Bush or whatever. NO ONE can say bad things about the troops because they are doing what ever they are called to do. Besides that, all I have to say is why don't you step up to the plate and go fight for something you believe in rather then sitting on the sidelines pulling everyone down in a boring unfulfillable life you are creating for yourself. Get off you butt and do what you believe in and what you love. DO NOT let ANYONE steal your dreams. (you can write that down lol)

Well I think that is enough ramblings from me today. Enjoy!

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My Cards

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My Gallery

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Movoda Images

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My Guestbook

. o O S t a r t T h e S i g n i n g O o .

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