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Member Since: 2007-06-08 10:46:30
Active playing time: 185 Days, 20 Hours, 36 Minutes
Member Number: 0000001866
Character Experience: 22,130,798
Character Level: 68
Highest Skill: Harvesting Level 73
Nationality: Erfdarian
Guild: The Forsworn
Guild Position: Blobtastic Beauty

squishyblob's Skills
  • Harvesting Level 73 (29,229,612 Exp)
  • Combat Level 59 (13,234,906 Exp)
  • Speed Level 58 (12,285,604 Exp)
  • Cooking Level 40 (2,753,467 Exp)
  • Magic Level 37 (2,188,049 Exp)
  • Trading Level 34 (1,582,623 Exp)
  • Mining Level 22 (340,855 Exp)
  • Woodcutting Level 20 (231,599 Exp)
  • Smithing Level 17 (142,833 Exp)
  • Fishing Level 17 (129,825 Exp)
  • Crafting Level 15 (81,311 Exp)
  • Construction Level 15 (78,520 Exp)
  • Cards Level 6 (7,082 Exp)

Has harvested the following
[√] Crate
[√] Hardwood Log
[√] Nightshade Leaf
[√] Apple
[√] Bundle of Wheat
[√] Parsnip
[√] Peach
[√] Pear
[√] Plum
[√] Tomato
[√] Turnip
[√] Jalapeno Pepper
[√] Mushroom
[√] Green Pepper
[√] Bunch of Parsley
[√] Bunch of Cilantro
[√] Blue Berry
[√] Red Berry
[√] Bunch of Grapes
[√] Bamboo
[√] Potato
[√] Sugarcane
[√] Bunch of Spinach

#11 in Trading
#29 in Harvesting
#26 in Speed
#142 in Magic

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