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Q: How do I change my username?


Q: How do I change my password?

A: Visit the following link and log in. Then click “Settings” to change your password.

Q: Do I need to build a house in one go?

A: Houses can be built at intervals and you can spend as long as you need to build any sized house.

Q: Same for boats?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I learn the “Magic” skill?

A: First you need an Emerald, then a Spellbook. After that head to Haldos Outpost on the mainland, left of Port Barin. To head to the mainland you'll need a character level of 10, money for a ferry ride or use your own boat to sail there.

Q: How do I use all the fancy colors and smilies in the chat?

A: You must donate a certain amount of money to Movoda in order to use colors and certain smilies(Emotes) in the chat/forum. To learn how you can donate to Movoda click here. Donations can be time or money but only donating money will allow you use colors and certain smilies in chat. Other donations come with their own rewards.

Q: How do I equip my stuff?

A: While in-game look to the left of your screen and click Equipment. Afterwards click on the item in your inventory you want equipped. Yellow colored items are equipped while white items are unequipped. You can only have one of each type of item equipped at one time.

Q: How can I become a Mod?

A: You cannot unless asked by mskwik himself. Though Movoda uses a Modbot and has no real need for human mods. Whenever the Modbot warns/mutes someone you can agree or disagree with the Modbot, which allows the Modbot to adjust according based on majority rules. Agree with the Modbot when it does the correct thing and disagree when it does something unnecessary. Do not let personal feelings get in the way as voting is anonymous. – The agree/disagree function is not on the NI at the moment (15/12/2010)

Q: Do guild buildings have shorter timers than public facilities?

A: Generally yes because less people will be there. As the population increases in a working area so does the timer.

Q: Where's my message box?

A: In-game, top left of your screen under your name, character level, HP, and MP levels. You will see the word Messages.

Q: How do I kill another player?

A: There are two options. There is an arena in Haldos Outpost where you can schedule PVP fights. If you are in a guild, you can fight in Guildwars

Q: How do I find out my guild number?

A: Search for your guild on this page

Q: What's the best way to get a new idea added to the game?

A: Think carefully about it. Write it down, walk away from it, and look at it again. Then, take a look at the MovodaFuture and MovodaFuture2 pages to see if anybody has already had the same idea as you. If you've got a guild, it never hurts to post it on your guild forums first, and get feedback. Then, make a detailed post in the Feature Request forums.

Q: I'm in Echtin and I lost everything I didn't have equipped.. What happened?

A: You died. Take a look at the CombatGuide for more information on how to avoid this. Loose something valuable? You can try posting on forums, somebody might feel pity on you and return your stuff. Moral of the Story? Keep stuff you can't afford to replace in a house.

Q: How do I play Cards?

A: To learn how to play cards click here.

Q: Why is there no music?

A: Movoda is a Text-Based game meaning no music and little to no “graphics”. If you want music open up a new internet tab and go to youtube or another music/video site.

Q: How do I increase my character level?

A: Simple. Practice your skills (mining, fishing, woodcutting etc.) and you'll gain character exp. To see how much character exp you get for each skill check out this page.

Q: What are vessi?

A: Movodian Currency. They can be used at NPC stores and Guild stores, or traded to players.

Q: What are Gold Coins?

A: Gold Coins are a vessi substitute, dropped by monsters. They can be sold to NPC stores for 5v each.

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