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Modinator: No spamming in chat Gruntsalot
Modinator: Watch your language Gruntsalot
Modinator: Gruntsalot muted – profanity
Modinator: Please keep the inappropriate topics out of chat Gruntsalot
Modinator: You have been muted for 55 minutes. Request this mute be reviewed
Modinator: Your mute review request has been received.
Muted for 44,275 more minutes
Moderator: Gruntsalot muted 5000 minutes – Content link and baiting the bot.
Moderator: Gruntsalot muted 15 minutes – Questioning the actions of a mod in public chat.
Moderator: gruntsalot muted 600 minutes – Trolling <— couldnt even spell my name properly for a mute that goes on both my record and the mods record that mutes me
Moderator: Gruntsalot please don't harrass other players. I removed the mute but next time I won't be able tol <– mute was never removed
Moderator: Gruntsalot muted 30 minutes – Bad mouthing Moderator in chat.
Moderator: Gruntsalot muted 15 minutes – Complaining about moderation in chat.
Moderator: Gruntsalot muted 500 minutes – Continuing disagreement in world with Buga Boo after a warning. <— i asked bug to stop repeatedly, i got muted to keep it “fair”
Modinator: Gruntsalot muted – harassment
Modinator: You have been muted for 52917 minutes. Request this mute be reviewed

Movoda Players' Random Hints:
You don't need enough lumber to build a whole house at once, you can build it in pieces.

Oh Crap I'm A Stat

kelcor was killed by Gruntsalot
Enialis has been killed by Gruntsalot
redhdsrbtr was killed by Gruntsalot
Shape Shifter was killed by Gruntsalot
foozard was killed by Gruntsalot
azure airella was killed by Gruntsalot
Zzyzx Wulf was killed by Gruntsalot
Brynhild was killed by Gruntsalot
Mique was killed by Gruntsalot
windwaker552 was killed by Gruntsalot
Jerrubaal was killed by Gruntsalot
funkenstein was killed by Gruntsalot
Hidan was killed by Gruntsalot
Fatty was killed by Gruntsalot
Arabian Knight was killed by Gruntsalot
Bravo Zulu was killed by Gruntsalot
Smitts was killed by Gruntsalot

Gruntsalot's skills:

ʛℛ⩏ŋ༒ػ, from Duckerz