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Member Since: 2007-12-31 06:08:15
Active playing time: 23 Days, 18 Hours, 50 Minutes
Member Number: 0000004210
Character Experience: 264,440
Character Level: 21
Highest Skill: Construction Level 18
Nationality: Faldorian
Guild: Xclsv
Guild Position: Enchantress

Temperashional's Skills

So far 3913 friends have stepped into my world

Ranked #2,759 in Character

Level 21 Overall with 264,440 XP

Ranked #2,209 in Mining
Ranked #3,089 in Combat
Ranked #2,697 in Speed
Ranked #2,718 in Magic
Ranked #1,667 in Construction
Ranked #2,160 in Woodcutting
Ranked #2,424 in Harvesting
Ranked #2,252 in Cooking
Ranked #2,129 in Smithing
Ranked #1,948 in Crafting
Ranked #2,236 in Trading
Ranked #2,202 in Fishing
Ranked #1,314 in Cards

Monsters killed by Temperashional

Did you know...

Total Player Registrations: 28,111
Total Currently Registered Players: 25,069
Total Active Players: 423
Total Players Logged In: 83

Total cash in game: 961,706,146 vessi
Total weight of items in game: 390,732,090 stones

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