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Member Since: 2006-11-30 12:52:14
Active playing time: 357 Days, 5 Hours, 48 Minutes
Member Number: 0000000002
Character Experience: 5,507,297
Character Level: 47
Highest Skill: Mining Level 40
Nationality: Neutral
Guild: Admin Guild
Guild Position: Lord of all he surveys

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Greetings from WRC Meister, why dont you fit you page to be a admin whorty?

Yea why dont ye? pry because he doesnt need too, no point? :P Heya Mskwik, love the game, love everything about it, its addicting >:) Zaknafein

Oi! Nobody has a better page than mskwik ;) – Cast

Thanks for all you do for Movoda mskwik – chey8

great job msk ;)

Bahamut says great game!

Lastknight came here to congratulate mswik on this great game :)

tiki dropped in to says thanks for all you do and for making a great game

Bren Great game Mskwik, I love it.

*Toon was the First one to streak on this page*

I think you already know how much I love this game.
Thanks Msk! Nothing more to say except...YOU ROCK! ;) X's Babsy

You have been tagged by Da_nana the Leader of the
Royal Family of the JACK Guild
May your kingdom reign supreme forever.

Yoshi was here and came to say thanks for the game, hope you don't lose your intresst and keep updating it ^_^ Good Luck !

Hey kwiky, sweet game mate, keep up the good work... Togz
jcolbert was not here

Evil_Dante was here, great work! keep it up

Shimizu stopped by to pay homage to the Maker....

This is not a game but a new reality.

Roen only has good things to say about this game.

Thorin? stopped by to officially Thorin?ate you :)<span class="nobr">2008–02–01/KtP55GNHo8.jpg secret passes by and takes a big bite out of you on her way ;)

Keep up the good work, remember to take some time out ok? ~ Alamak The Crazy :D

Never anger the penguin :D
Alucard was here to say hello.

Combatd, the pikachu of Outlawz awesome :D

Keep up the good work and whatever you do, if you see a penguin whos dancing just go and maul it. It brings nothing but trouble.

monkey pit said that you suck in world chat

Barret Drops by to show he is always watching
and Waiting for a chance to ruin you evening.

I'm sure that's what youd like to say to most of us haha Tori Lou – thanks for everything

a_f_c crept into to stamp your page

hardcoreplayer says: if mskwik ran 4 president, i'd vote for them and buy them a couple rounds at the local bar.

Alamak The Crazy was here to give Msk a new look! O.o

Lapiz loves movoda and hopes you keep up the awesome work :D.

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keep up the good work- MG