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This is the report done News Cast style by the member's of Sanity's Requim

Posted by Beorn [Sane?]
2008–09–20 15:00:09
Hurricane MSWIK STRIKES – Damage Assesment
Ello Mates,
This is Windy Rain reporting for Movoda News. Hurricane MSWIK came at us with little warning. Around 10:16 the animals got very still. And then Wham. We are seeing untold damage in Movoda. We have Confirmed that the Communal Furnace at Ponat is in need or repairs.

MR Smith what is the status of your furnace?

The furnace took some damage in the storm that will need to be repaired, we're collecting the materials to do the repairs.

* Buying 2,970 more Stone Block for 3 vessi each

We will gladly accept donations, bring you stones to Ponat.

Citizens are pouring into the streets and cleaning up the debris and have not been able to asses the damage to their homes. It is know that several local green houses were also damage. This is Windy Rain reporting from Ponat....How are things in your part of Movoda.

Posted by moosa [I10Mafia]
2008–09–20 15:13:42
And come on people, let's get these buildings repaired. And you left out the fist K in MSKWIK.

Posted by beorn [Sane?]
2008–09–20 15:29:53
Moosa...the storm is not named after our beloved Founder..... or are you imply he is like a Hurricane.....
Any Similarity Between the name of our Storm and our Founder is purely coincidental.

Posted by moosa [I10Mafia]
2008–09–20 15:31:28
Sorry, my fault. I assumed since all the letters except 'K' were mentioned, the intention was “mskwik”.

Posted by Damien Marlock? [Sane?]
2008–09–20 15:31:33
We need a guild building addition. One of our greenhouses was badly damaged.

Posted by Damien Marlock? [Sane?]
2008–09–20 15:33:59
mskwik is the creator of all. Therefore the creator would not destroy everything in it's path.

This stated mswik was affectionatly named similar to our creator.

Posted by sunsetatdawn [Sane?]
2008–09–20 15:38:54
The hurricane whisked the K away.

Posted by Drifter 2 k? [ACD]
2008–09–20 15:39:52
Droesar, Faldor – Hurricane Mswik's visit to this small mining town has left residents scrambling to drain the lifeblood of their community. The mines here are completely underwater at this time. Efforts are being hindered by the debris cluttering the streets, mainly glass from local greenhouses.

There are also unconfirmed reports that some miners were trapped in the mines when the storm hit.

Posted by beorn [Sane?]
2008–09–20 15:41:12
This is Windy Rain Reporting we now have a Storm Track for you to see.

Kimdar had some wood drift in from ships wrecked by storm,blocking their docks. However the bulk of the damage was on Faldor.

Posted by beorn [Sane?]
2008–09–20 15:45:07
I am still trying to get an assessment on the repairs to the crafting hut but the streets in Port Schow are still blocked... I hope to have that answer soon.

This is Windy Rain reporting.

Posted by Damien Marlock? [Sane?]
2008–09–20 15:46:13
Still need a water brigade in Droesar.
Bring noseplugs, someone farted.

Posted by beorn [Sane?]
2008–09–20 16:01:09
This is Windy Rain reporting from Port Schow.

I finally have found the manager of the Crafting Hut. Ms. much damage occurred to your building?

Well Mr. Garfield just put the first board down. And that .1% of the damage so we figure we suffered over 1,000 lumber in damage. That is a lot of damage for a little 2 story hut with running water, a 10 stall public restroom my master suite up stairs with the 8 foot tub. Well that poor little building she took a beating.

Thank you MS Stewart, I am sure the community will do all they can to get this building fixed.

This is Windy Rain reporting, grabbing nose plugs and heading to Drosser.

Posted by beorn [Sane?]
2008–09–20 16:08:54
This is Windy Rain reporting. For second time in recent years the mines have flooded. You may recall the that the mines flooded several times during Speed Day when the dam broke... well the hurricane has caused the mines to flood again. I have personally inspected the damn and appears that the repairs are complete and this flooding is due to run off from surrounding hills. So hopefully this will only fill up once.

The bucket brigade is clearing out the damage at a good pace. Now that the crews from Ponat and Port Schow has arrived, the progress is definitely speeding up. But the mines are still 2/3 full. More helpers are needed. This is Windy Rain reporting.

Posted by beorn [Sane?]
2008–09–20 16:24:25
This is Windy Rain interviewing Beorn....Just Beorn?

Yes Windy, just Beorn. So please tell us your story. While I was mining some stone at Drosser the hurricane struck my home at Ponat. So I packed up my stuff and headed home. It was a mighty fierce wind. It took 330 seconds to travel from Drosser to Port Schow. Since then I have been working on the damage repair crews and I sold my stone to Mr Smith in Ponat. I did not have any lumber on me to help Ms Stewart but I am sure she has it under control.

This is Windy Rain with a man on the street interview, talking with Just Beorn.....

MS Rain.....Ms Rain the name is Beorn, and I am a Bear. My name is one word, just Beorn.

This is Windy Rain From Drosser..... Can I call you Just? (You hear an Ursine sigh as Beorn walks away.)

If you wonder what Beorn looks like this is his page

Posted by Celsia [=UT=]
2008–09–20 17:14:06
Report for Windy Rain. The roads in Echtin have been cleared of fallen trees.

posted by sunsetatdawn [Sane?]
2008–09–20 17:36:42
This is Misty Nights reporting at Ponat. Windy Rain had to take her dinner break so I am standing in to give you an update. I have is it Sunset At Dawn?

Sunset – Yes, my friends call me Sun.

Misty – May I call you Sun then?

Sunset – No, you may call me Miss Dawn.

Misty Ok then, as you can see this storm is leaving local residents in poor spirits. I see from here you have repaired the damages to your greenhouse and cleaned up a lot of the debri. Miss Dawn, do you think this unexpected storm will hinder business at all?

Sunset – Well luckily I had all the resources needed for repairs stored in a house. Unfortunately all the debri made it impossible to get to. We were on break from picking parsley when the storm hit and knocked out the glass before the job was done. Picking all the debri away was disheartening work, but we worked diligently to get it done to prevent any spoilage to our crops. I am proud to say our teamwork paid off and our crops were saved. Due to our quick hands and determination, I don't see any reason for our businesses to suffer.

Misty – I see the furnace is still under repairs, do you think this will hurt the town of Ponat any?

Sunset – There is still 1,444 more Stone Block left to repair the furnace and our town has had some backup funds for emergencies. They are still paying 3v each for anyone who can help the repairs. I think it should come along quickly enough. We like to see up and coming smithers increase their skills and become great artists in the metal world, but there will be a slight set back til the public furnace can complete its repairs. As for us here in Sane? we have our own personal furnace and smithy that was built with a bit sturdier materials and has withstood the hurricane's onslaught. We will continue hammering out the equipments needed in the mean time.

Misty – Thank you, and there you have it. Keep tuned for next update. This is Misty Nights signing off

Posted by beorn [Sane?]
2008–09–20 19:09:19
Ello Mates this is Windy Rain. I have just finished my lovely Seafood Dinner at Lake Essdar and returned to the mines at Drosser. I am pleased to report that the mines were reopened at 18:13.

You sir, the one with the wings and the bucket in your talons. May I talk with you?

Yes I can rest now, the work is done. Are you Misty?

No I am Windy. And you are?

I am V L Gryphon, my friends call me Gryph.

Windy – How long have you been doing this?

Welllll, I started Clearing out the Docks at Therusia, then went to unearth my house at Ponat and led the Work Party to Port Schow and and on to Drosser.

Windy – You Lead the work party here? So you were in charge?

Gryph – No my guild mates at Sane? do what we can to help out. We all came down. Well, those that were not needed to repair or compound. But with these wings I travel faster then almost everyone else so I was always in front.

Windy – How was the work?

Gryph – Well it was slow at first but as the work crew grew, we got rolling and did not stop.

Windy – Did you see anything unusual during this time?

Gryph – Well it beats me, but there were these little orange fish in my bucket. Saw them the last time these mines flooded. They must be spawn the area. I roasted one, they have a magical taste. Quite good. But unusual, nope just a bunch of neighbors helping neighbors.

This is Windy Rains signing off.

This is Storm E Wethers saying that completes our live coverage of Hurricane MSWIK... Stay tuned to Movoda News Network for more updates from Brad Nails on the rebuilding process through out the night.

posted by beorn [Sane?]
2008–09–21 04:35:15
This is a Movada News Network Alert

This is Brad Nails reporting. Last night the Movada commumity was hit by a fast moving hurricane. There was extensive damage and many damaged buildings. But we all pulled together and quickly repaired the damages. The crafting hut was the first communal building repaired. The manager of the Port Schow Crafting hut, Ms M Stewert said, I feel so loved. It was great to the shiploads and wagons of wood coming from all over. The damage was repaired quickly and tomorrow I can start redecorating.

And in the wee hours of this morning Mr Smith reported that the Ponat Communal Furnace was back in business. Mr Smith said that he would like to thank Hera for leading the repair crews and organizing support from all over Movada. We had steady stream of carts coming from Drosser and the docks all night long. A disaster like this hurts everyone but we pulled together to repair the damages and that is what really matters.

This is Brad Nails saying Good Night Movodans, where ever you are.
The Movoda News Network now returns you to regular programming.

Posted by beorn [Sane?]
2008–09–21 07:56:24
This is Windy Rain reporting from Drosser. We had an unexpected development from the Hurricane. At 6:58 the mines were invaded by a swarm of local fauna.

Sir May I ask you a couple questions?

Yes Miss.

You Are?

Mercury K.

Mr. Mercury what did you see?

Well it looks like the hurricane uprooted the homes of these poor critters and they just went crazy. The only humane thing was to these poor beasts out of their misery.

Thank you Mr. Mercury, for that update. This Windy Rains signing of for the Movoda News Network.

Posted by beorn [Sane?]
2008–09–22 07:04:41
This is Brad Nails. I here on the scene with Leiftenant Millicent Hopkirk. I understand you have salvage rights to this ship. Leiftenant you have any ideas of the origins if this ship?

Call me Hopper, and no I do not know. As you can tell the Ship is not local. The hull is more massive than any ships from here in Faldor with a wide, curved hull that would hold much in the way of cargo and still be sleeker than our Faldorian craft.
I am currently paying people 2v per crate they haul to the carts.

Hopper, aren't you worried about security?

(Hopper Laughs) Not with my boys me, it is a stupid being that messes with The Flying Fifth.

Hopper would you be refereing to The 5th Light Calvery?

Yes that is us.

Well then security is not an issue. What are you plans for the cargo?

We intend to build an auction house in Echtin once all the crates are gathered to sell off whatever is found.

Hopper, how much if the work is done?

The crates are 27% gathered.

This is Brad Nails reporting live from Ponat Pier.

Thank you Brad. It seems like the hurrincane is still impacting our country.
This is Storm E Wethers returning to your regular programing.

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