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Bryan Spring Hammer – Image used with permission.
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2008. All Rights Reserved.

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20:43:29 beorn[Sane?]: since mystical me has lost the clan invite code for Brute I have started a new one...
20:43:30 beorn[Sane?]: Use this link to invite other Brutes to join your clan:


Member Since: 2008-06-12 01:00:07
Active playing time: 337 Days, 21 Hours, 12 Minutes
Member Number: 0000006163
Character Experience: 6,935,687
Character Level: 50
Highest Skill: Mining Level 41
Nationality: Faldorian



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beorn's Skills



Ranked #898 in Character
Ranked #670 in Speed
Ranked #291 in Mining
Ranked #950 in Combat
Ranked #498 in Magic
Ranked #439 in Woodcutting
Ranked #212 in Smithing
Ranked #113 in Trading
Ranked #995 in Construction
Ranked #774 in Cooking
Ranked #909 in Fishing
Ranked #355 in Crafting
Ranked #444 in HarvestingRanked #164 in Card Level
Ranked #898 in Character Level



[X] Level 20 Smith – 28 Mar 09
[X] Top 250 Smiths – 16 Aug 08 – Smithing Day
[ ] Level 30 Smith
[X] Top 100 Smiths – 16 Aug 11 – Smithing Day
[ ] Level 40 Smith
[ ] Top 25 Smiths
[X] Level 20 Mining – 2 Dec 08- Happy 2nd Birthday Sane and Sun
[ ] Top 250 Miners – 1 July 10
[ ] Level 30 Mining – 10 May 10
[ ] Top 100 Miners
[X] Level 20 Woodsman -15 0ct 08
[X] Top 250 Woodsman – 1 Apr 09
[ ] Level 30 Woodsman – 23 Apr 10
[ ] Top 100 Woodsman
[X] Level 30 Combat – 20 Feb 08
[ ] Top 250 Fighters
[ ] Level 50 Combat
[ ] Top 100 Fighters
[X] Level 20 Construction – 31 oct 08 – Happy Bithday
[ ] Level 20 Crafting – 24 Oct 09
[X] Level 5 Cards – 9 Feb 08
[X] Level 20 Harvester -14 0ct 08
[X] Level 35 Harvester -20 Aug 10
[x] Level 22 Cooking – 27 June 08



A Self Quote H.G. Duncan, Col. USMC
In Your Self-improvement efforts, strive for perfection, knowing you'll never make it. But you'll damn surely hit high, if you aim high.

A 2nd Self Quote H.G. Duncan, Col. USMC
You think you pretty well know the values you hold, but then something happens to show you what you truly believe.

A Courage Quote H.G. Duncan, Col. USMC
Not to do what you know be right and proper because you fear the pandora's box you may open is the mark of the lamb – a moral coward.

A Courage Quote H.G. Duncan, Col. USMC
The difference between a Lion and a Lamb is simply Moral Courage.

A Life Lesson Quote H.G. Duncan, Col. USMC
If you learn nothing else in this life, learn that nothing is black nor white. Everything is varying shades of gray.

A Perseverence Quote Spider Robinson -
“Skills are the flowers you get if you water your talent bush enough”.
Arethusa in “Off The Wall at Callahan's”

A Combat Quote Spider Robinson -
For a Predator a wrong guess can be preferable to a slow one.
Jake in “Off The Wall at Callahan's”

A Friendship Quote Spider Robinson -
Callahan's Law – Shared pain is lessened; shared joy is increased (and bad puns are appreciated)"
the Back Cover of Callahan's Legacy

A Kindness Quote Mark Twain (1835 – 1910)
Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

A Love Qoute Spider Robinson -
“Love is an active verb. It's not an abstraction or a conceptual idea. You have to perform an action to that its really real.”
Stephen Gaskin in Off The Wall at Callahan's"

An Enlightnement Qoute Spider Robinson -
“ Enlightenment is not so much making it to Never-Never Land trough the secret passageway. Its More like getting off your tail and doing something.....”
Stephen Gaskin in Off The Wall at Callahan's"


Monsters killed by beorn


Players Mining Skill On or near my level
RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
126Sloth [Home]559,575,210
127koder [Peace]559,566,440
128JimboTheAce [Elysium]549,380,250
130Cayenne [Blue]549,310,228
131Alteria [SSS]549,277,917
132Devil Girl [DH]549,268,863
133Aglarele [PHX]549,226,758+481 (+135,683)
134Queen Roadie [JACK]549,213,253
135gilly [Sheeple]549,189,218
136chaz [Crops4$]549,156,666
138Lildor [LOG]549,134,537 (+54,873)
139Smashed_Crab [SMSHD1]549,127,966
140ghostwhisperer [,,,]548,992,821
141Luna Angelus [Dark]548,990,047
143insanofreak [,.,]548,834,370
144Suedy [Splat]548,798,386
145T-Roy [Shush!]538,700,981
147Colerak [Bubble]538,606,668
148Surim [PHX]538,511,934
149Trento [QS]538,374,704
150Dasea [FC]538,287,680

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
150Dasea [FC]538,287,680
151Castle [TAOM]538,223,501
152GM [Trees]538,202,706
153Josy [*Y*]528,133,237
155Kozmik [MAD]527,996,487
156BotaAbaixo [Home]527,882,502 (+45,111)
159kelcor [*UH*]527,738,942 (+122,715)
160subforshort [ ]527,692,036+1,283 (+266,136)
1612012 [Wow]517,543,431
162Kivan [Peace]517,535,501
163fiodor [X]517,462,318
164Chickaroo [TAOM]517,423,800
165Raven [ ]517,414,467
166Gabriel [Blue]517,378,021
167Onslaught [Blue]517,362,431
169JiggsKacey [,.,]517,317,567


Players Smithing Skill On or near my level
RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
75Alpha [Dark]5912,984,791

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
76kg4wxw [.We.]5912,881,209
77jasper98765 [ ]5812,337,374
78Judas Goat [Ronin]5812,237,413
79chem [~DB~]5812,225,636
80koder [Peace]5711,517,913
82fiodor [X]5610,373,384
84yedlishka [Sane?]5610,272,020
850 HaLongBay 0 [~WB~]5510,072,683
87Moobee [Lost]559,835,611
88TORN [Home]559,614,586
89JoveS [T*BuD]559,496,995
90Lucian [Home]559,422,144
91Richard [,.,]559,418,776
92jmauldin [Midas]549,361,470
93Azrail [PHX]549,117,961
94Morbe [Bubble]548,952,332
95McShankerson [Haven]548,941,169
97Kivan [Peace]538,663,870
99Pleknor [.We.]528,067,799
100Trento [QS]527,967,107
102protect me [Akatsuki]527,828,566
104manicman [MAD]517,329,974
105Scally [Seek]517,088,632
106BotaAbaixo [Home]517,056,764
108protoMD [~EM~]506,988,055
109Flame [~EM~]506,847,670
110Shadar Darei506,783,254


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