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Hey female! Welcome on my movoda wikipage!

Ow and welcome to other people:D


visfighter is stupid


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Real Life check out my real life facecompleted
bands check what I listen toworking on it
Pollanswer this poll about mecompleted
In the game read about me in gamecompleted
My Statscheck out my statscompleted
Funlaughworking on it
Linkscheck out some great linksworking on it
Poll 2answer this poll about my legocompleted
Building Ideas?I don`t need ideas at the momentcompleted
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Guestbookpost something at my guesstbook...

Here are some old pictures of me, I will post some new ones soon.


I am 17 years old, I live in:
country : The Netherlands
provincie : Groningen
city : Delfzijl
I like to play hockey and tennis but the most of all I like to play movoda and syrnia and listening rock and metal. I go to highschool, 6th (last) grade. After finishing I plan to go to the university of Delft to study architecture.
I have got 1 sister she was monkeygirl in this game. She does still play Syrnia with that name.

O.o This is my hippo called nijl :P
Nijl uses to hang around somewhere in my room while I am playing movoda, he is quite experienced in the game.

(btw my msn=

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so everybody knows a bit of me in RL now its gametime >:)

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what do you think of me?

super noob (95 votes)

noob (23 votes)

normal (43 votes)

nice (41 votes)

very nice (29 votes)

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thx to everyone who voted super noob lol

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the story behind the name Visfighter:

The name visfighter was born when I made my syrnia accaunt.
Vis is dutch for fish. how I found that name is a long story but it was already my nickname in real life for some years when I made my syrnia accaunt. Only “vis” was too short so I putted fighter at the back of it: visfighter :D. After some weeks playing syrnia like an hour a day I got addicted. After a while I heard from some guys that movoda was created. I asked the link and joined with the name “visfighter” beceause I started liking this name and most of people knew that name.

Movoda history:

I was player number 70 but in the begin I just botchecked, I was not active.
I didn`t have a guild and trained woodcut and construction till level 15. Then I became a little more active and asked Co M if I could join beceause much of my syrnia-friends were in that guild. I have had a nice time but after a long wile they dumped me, the future was JACK, guildleader Da_nana (may she rest in peace) has really helped me and I had a nice time. When the guild was not able and not wanting to get me logs to saw I went on searching for a new spot. Lots of other guilds helped me, but I did not really find a good place untill I came to survivors! Now Bogtrotter and I are the #1 and #2 of the construction-highscores so this looks like the right guild for me.

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visfighter's Skills


Member Since: 2006-12-02 12:52:14
Active playing time: 412 Days, 0 Hours, 53 Minutes
Member Number: 0000000070
Character Experience: 12,174,727
Character Level: 58
Highest Skill: Construction Level 74
Nationality: Faldorian

Here my rankings+graphs of the constrution skill (with the top 5 constructors) and my character exp, the other skills are kinda useless to show since I don't train them anyway.

Ranked #679 in Character Experience

Ranked #12 at Construction

top 5 constructors, AND I AM IN IT
RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1pibird [Home]8862,882,349
2DELGRAD [Roots]8862,836,045
3Delapa [PWI]8758,719,770
4Genesis!? [???]8143,671,096
5Bogtrotter [Alive!]7940,485,873

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*working on this*

Two men and a woman were sitting at a bar talking about their lives.The first man said, “I am a YUPPIE” you know... young, urban, professional... The second guy says: I am a DINK, you know... Double income No kids... The woman replies..well im a know...Wash, Iron, F**K, Etc...

is there anything else I can do wrong in chat?
07:56:17 Modinator: visfighter muted 145 minutes – profanity, non-english in chat, harassment, sexual topics

A Sunday school teacher asked her children as they were on the way to church service, “And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?” One bright little girl replied, “Because people are sleeping.”

A little boy was overheard praying: “Lord, if you can't make me a better boy, don't worry about it. I'm having a real good time like I am.”

A wife invited some people to dinner. At the table, she turned to their six-year-old daughter and said, “Would you like to say the blessing?” “I wouldn't know what to say,” the girl replied. “Just say what you hear Mommy say,” the wife answered. The daughter bowed her head and said, “Lord, why on earth did I invite all these people to dinner?”

yeah that must be my sister :P

what do you think of my sister...

darn can I have her phone number? (74 votes)

she is beautifull (19 votes)

ugly! (33 votes)

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*working on this*

got any good games or fun sites? post it here!

Syrnia a site most of us know.

Movoda don`t hope ppl here don`t know this game:P

deeplake a funny joke-site (thx to babsy) don`t klick here! (only fun for dutch ppl)

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what do you think of my lego buildings? (1=very – bad 10=very good)

1 (20 votes)

2 (2 votes)

3 (0 votes)

4 (0 votes)

5 (3 votes)

6 (3 votes)

7 (5 votes)

8 (28 votes)

9 (14 votes)

10! (67 votes)

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anyone knows something for me to build? (I have no ideas) post it here plz I will let you see pics when it is finished.
note: I am sorry but I have been too busy to finish it, still have to build te head and the right arm

I am going to build the statue of liberty

Jebus: Statue of Liberty

Sydney harbour bridge
Opera house (sydney area)
Golden gate bridge
leaning tower of Piza
Koelner Dom
Homer Simpson :)
Sagrada Familia
it would be a huge job, and not an easy one, they have been building it since 1882 and its still not finished, most amazing building i have ever seen.

Can anyone help me finding the drawings of the state of liberty?
Here is a list of how many and what stones u need. Its not a drawing but maybe it helps a little.
Here is a plan how to build it. I dont know if that is what u are looking for. It takes a little time to load cuz its a pdf format.

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I liked playing with lego at the time I started playing this game. Now I don't have the time for it anymore. Even the requested statue of liberty has never been finished. But because a lot of people liked my photos I won't remove them.

The Eiffeltower

The city of Troje

A VOC ship

2 castles I have build

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I want to thank the following people
person reason
da_nana Helping me getting logs, and being such a great leader
Babsy Donating for me
Arthelus Helping me with this page
Moc 1 Helping with the pics on my page
Jebus His great idea of building the statue of liberty
Akkarin Helping with the pics on this page
The Alive guild Providing me with logs

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EY SWEETIE Nice Page. Luve Ya Kissz Trixie

I love your page its great

Great page, love the lego pics. I love lego as well Lo L. But, I wasn't here and I never visited this site. You saw nothing and can't prove it. – Arthelus?

Vis! Love your page! Babsy

Nice page Vis, love the lego – scroatie

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you remind me of my grandson ...keep up the good work

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awesome buildings that is pretty incredible Thera

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well thanks to everyone that has posted here something nice.

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