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Rest in Peace Victoria, may your soul be at peace, and all your dreams be just as sweet.

– Joe

A loving Angel came to me in dreams.
She showed me life's not always what it seems.
She brought me to a place where Sweet Dreams live.
She gave to me a gift that I now give....
A Dreamer's Dream....

by Robert Alan

5705 Have dreamed about me.


Member Since: 2008-01-29 17:39:43
Active playing time: 76 Days, 11 Hours, 20 Minutes
Member Number: 0000004557
Character Experience: 1,254,981
Character Level: 32
Highest Skill: Harvesting Level 32
Nationality: Faldorian
dreamer349's Skills
  • Harvesting Level 32 (1,292,965 Exp)
  • Construction Level 25 (484,920 Exp)
  • Cooking Level 24 (454,848 Exp)
  • Woodcutting Level 21 (273,577 Exp)
  • Speed Level 21 (271,358 Exp)
  • Mining Level 14 (70,795 Exp)
  • Fishing Level 14 (68,377 Exp)
  • Magic Level 14 (64,767 Exp)
  • Crafting Level 11 (32,724 Exp)
  • Smithing Level 7 (10,103 Exp)
  • Trading Level 6 (7,364 Exp)
  • Combat Level 4 (2,515 Exp)
  • Cards Level 2 (508 Exp)

Ranked #1,783 in Character Level

Ranked #1,783 in Character
Ranked #1,936 in Speed
Ranked #2,306 in Mining
Ranked #3,052 in Combat
Ranked #1,805 in Magic
Ranked #1,901 in Trading
Ranked #1,525 in Woodcutting
Ranked #2,025 in Smithing
Ranked #1,042 in Construction
Ranked #859 in Cooking
Ranked #1,829 in Fishing
Ranked #1,235 in Crafting
Ranked #628 in Harvesting
Ranked #1,769 in Cards

Monsters killed by dreamer349
  • 1 Bear
  • 382 Deer
  • 220 Fox
  • 10 Wolf

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