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Transport has been killed by Guinevere
Testament has been killed by Guinevere
Alucard has been killed by Guinevere
Christy has been killed by Guinevere
nturn has been killed by Guinevere
Borindor has been killed by Guinevere
Erevos has been killed by Guinevere
Alaric has been killed by Guinevere
Bujeeka Bujung has been killed by Guinevere
Brogs_the_First has been killed by Guinevere
Widdie has been killed by Guinevere
Black Knight has been killed by Guinevere
Odysseus has been killed by Guinevere
Princess Amber has been killed by Guinevere
dsmitts has been killed by Guinevere x 2
Frosty has been killed by Guinevere
zachmckenzie has been killed by Guinevere
oskar8 has been killed by Guinevere
Talon has been killed by Se Cr Et
angelcorpse has been killed by Se Cr Et
irb has been killed by Se Cr Et
Butterfly Betty 76 has been killed by Se Cr Et
Damien Marlock has been killed by Se Cr Et
Juzzy has been killed by Se Cr Et
cracker0509 has been killed by Se Cr Et
Baspall has been killed by Se Cr Et
michael has been killed by Se Cr Et
elftron has been killed by Se Cr Et
Teddy Bear has been killed by Se Cr Et
Yam Yam has been killed by Se Cr Et
oskar8 has been killed by Se Cr Et

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Shhhh I have a secret to tell Guinevere..

Faerie May or may not have been stalking you. 2K11.

White_Dragon saw you in chat and thought you looked interesting, so I checked out your page... I LIKE IT.

Widdie spun his web here :D

The dawg stopped by to say, “WUZZ UP!” n I love the poem!

Grayman was here

White_Dragon says, “Thank you for your Magix, may it spread through out the land”.

Nestea says “Thank for your combat help!”

Slomo has fought of 6211 intruders from your page for you.

spazattak chucked a spaz on ur page

came by to give you a big hug

willy stopped by to visit and says hello guin

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i am a protector and warrior of you page.

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lets start a riot!
Morbid RIOTT

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I have signed you now huggles my evil friend

Wifey running by and say Hi as she beats tiny.. Me love my Guin!!

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came by to hug and kiss my sweet daughter

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May the power of all free people be with you

The Love Sorceress casts many good spells on you for all your days

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Blackheart: Invasion scheduled against Guin's Page on 20100512 17:00:00

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You've just been Caboose'd

Leaving you lots of hugs n kisses xox! ~ Babsy