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Member Since: 2008-09-06 00:57:32
Active playing time: 806 Days, 4 Hours, 33 Minutes
Member Number: 0000007208
Character Experience: 44,115,074
Character Level: 81
Highest Skill: Combat Level 83
Nationality: Odtoni
Guild: Crops4$
Guild Position: Co-Leader

Widdie's Skills

Ranked #243 in Character Level
Ranked #161 in Speed
Ranked #715 in Mining
Ranked #287 in Combat
Ranked #79 in Magic
Ranked #283 in Trading
Ranked #1,319 in Woodcutting
Ranked #562 in Smithing
Ranked #655 in Construction
Ranked #910 in Cooking
Ranked #1,096 in Fishing
Ranked #736 in Crafting
Ranked #12 in Harvesting
Ranked #846 in Cards

Monsters killed by Widdie

I'm Playing the Widdie card Mwuhahaha


Guild defence:
Testament has been killed by Widdie 11/03/10
fatboyzcaraudio has been killed by Widdie 10/07/10

My hobby (exluding movy) is drag racing:

Here is my toy:

Its a toyota starlet, with a turbo charged 4AGE motor, making 230kw on the wheels, currenly running a 1/4 mile 12.6 seconds @ 188km/h

sneaks in before everyone else and  & Widdie

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Scare begged the harvester to get him some Parsley, but then fell asleep while waiting.

You have been tagged by Da_nana the Leader of the Royal Family of the JACK Guild

As you ramble on through life, whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the donutů and not upon the hole.

Never settle for being average... you would be just as close to the bottom as you are to the top.

Aut Caesar, aut nihil! Mirabeau

“Let evil swiftly befall those who have wrongly condemned us – God will avenge us.”
====Jacques De Molay====

Shimizu eyes Widdie curiously

just saying hi and leaving my

I have signed you and poping on to say Thanx for helping me out

I will break any chains you put on me!

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