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June 27th: Scally
June 28th: estonem,WingedTiger,AZeth,QueenButterfly
June 29th: Kuja
June 30th: Alisande


July 1st: Bren,FluffyK
July 2nd: Merls,anevil1
July 3rd: Drasinius,KMax
July 5th: Lady Vekma
July 6th: Yaoming36
July 7th: darren1001,ask_my_dog
July 8th: cristiana
July 9th: Innu
July 11th: Morpheus
July 16th: misamia,BravoZulu
July 19th: irb,Pleknor
July 20th: Toxic Hamburger
July 21st: UnforgivenKnight
July 22nd: mesha
July 23rd: Drudon
July 24th: Mandi
July 25th: Don91?,Alteria
July 26th: punkie,Illisidor
July 28th: sunsetatdawn,Revelation,Sloth
July 29th: dark_fairy


August 1st: thyrson
August 2nd: Poseidon
August 3rd: Allazilla Babaganoush
August 5th: Stangest,grungy49
August 6th: Elenwe,mikeyii,Skullgirl94
August 7th: Shaniegirl,Barkton
August 8th: Stormwatch
August 9th: adriaans
August 11th: squishyblob,Nocturus
August 12th: mr grumpy
August 16th: Brynhild
August 17th: Sormeki
August 18th: Cat0001
August 19th: Eugenekoh1
August 20th: visfighter,Alucard
August 23rd: Deus Magnus
August 27th: Zaknafein
August 29th: dixierose,KittenKat1,countbrass


September 1st: Bratzer
September 2nd: Widow
September 3rd: Sir Lee?,Cookalicious
September 4th: hungy
September 5th: tiggger,ocimoci
September 6th: Psychemaster
September 8th: LeonKennedy,Wicky
September 9th: Queen Roadie
September 10th: elw96d,Chickaroo,angerfist
September 12th: Holdo,sherlockiama
September 14th: bolleke,The Riddler
September 16th: b00bear
September 17th: vilsonia
September 18th: bangy,Scarecrow,Slomo,redhdsrbtr
September 20th: Soulhavoc
September 21st: gilly,Cast
September 22nd: Gieleke
September 23rd: Veridis,GENESIS
September 26th: Laume
September 28th: Sladdir
September 29th: Eryk,Zandramas,spacecookie
September 30th: windwaker552


October 3rd: star62,MizDaisey
October 5th: kenzi
October 7th: Survyvn,TJapan
October 8th: Bargen3
October 10th: Chey,Vixen
October 11th: bora32,Talmar
October 13th: Larissa,CoOkI3m0n3ter
October 14th: Walker
October 15th: Receze,lammyy
October 17th: minichibi
October 18th: dearblues,zoef
October 20th: Drax,SorienFox,Donar
October 21st: soccerdef,Dazzler,1991126,vanhullek
October 22nd: esnow
October 23rd: Thorrak,meatpie,darkstar,Meggie
October 24th: bedlam
October 25th: timecharger,merg
October 27th: innocence
October 28th: Retmos?
October 29th: tallone,jack_nestle,XtraSpeed
October 30th: CaitSith,Lethal350
October 31st: Execution


November 1st: Bryce
November 2nd: Kii,Arborvitae,TexasRebel
November 3rd: edge,Flame
November 4th: Boo,RedScorpion,Dahniq
November 5th: demoniz71
November 8th: greyghost,blackdrgn6
November 9th: forhannah
November 10th: Andinio
November 12th: Funbite,Hazmat
November 14th: lil_munster
November 17th: Illuminati,Jasmin,The_Real_Manson
November 20th: crazycajun
November 22nd: thk
November 23rd: Neverland
November 24th: Black Cloud,Junkie
November 25th: Lexxy,Coneja,Squeak
November 26th: scardom,klentrogen
November 27th: Bruinsma
November 30th: Dawnare


December 1st: Enroth
December 2nd: moc1,talk2dahand,KiloJ
December 3rd: Gerste,trubble,Integral
December 5th: elsabahnur,tsukasa,ToriLou87
December 8th: bonsoy
December 9th: Rev,JoveS,PrettyinPotato,monsters2343
December 14th: ploon
December 15th: vampkitty13
December 16th: Skilla,Taksas027
December 17th: Rooster
December 19th: Scoffer
December 20th: Mrs C?
December 21st: garfield,shadowmelik?
December 22nd: samuelfps,glassrose89,Shimizu,littlemouse?
December 23rd: wetnwild
December 26th: slazer
December 27th: DragonSoul
December 28th: MagYona
December 30th: Shogy
December 31st: angelbaby,Tiq,StarFire


January 2nd: fafau,diabloii
January 6th: tindecken
January 7th: Prometheus
January 10th: bigdavedee,squid,serpent
January 11th: Miscreant,Mercedes
January 12th: babydoll84,Arabian Knight
January 13th: Hackin
January 14th: Stunt207,Qball,Heimdall,Ayla,Subvene
January 15th: Shinigami
January 16th: SassyAngel
January 18th: krunchy
January 19th: goldsword44
January 20th: Master Ogriff?
January 21st: Babsy
January 23rd: Toassty,*secret*,Mr.Chow?
January 24th: Maliyah27
January 26th: Drizzt
January 28th: pibird,Blue_Devil,LadyLynn,SirRod
January 29th: Corran
January 30th: ervisboy007,Erin,Trangil
January 31st: lemonlock


February 2nd: sinferior,SRT4Void,verm,Goddess Sekhmet,wheresthedoor?
February 3rd: LordEssence,Krystal
February 5th: Boulwai
February 6th: ruby07,nturn
February 8th: Ancano
February 9th: madoka-chan
February 10th: Hondajdmla
February 12th: ncb3,HyJinx,protoMD
February 13th: icearcher
February 14th: Surim,Rand,Lordo
February 16th: adhlssu07,Frosty
February 17th: Oshat
February 19th: amithist,Celsia
February 20th: Seth,jeandk
February 22nd: LogiForce,Purple_Turkey
February 24th: DamienMarlock,Ilanne
February 25th: Reddevil
February 26th: Castle


March 1st: Ceriseti
March 2nd: falconn,Erigon,hie flyin
March 6th: ororo
March 7th: Paragon,FallenKnight,Cajun
March 8th: glaedr_gg2
March 11th: mikietheman
March 12th: alxenvbrant,Aikon
March 13th: Naruto,Jenn,Lady Knight
March 14th: Marishka,tziggy
March 15th: plavusan
March 17th: Iroh
March 18th: Chiron?,MetalHead3
March 20th: Bloodysky,tonks211
March 22nd: SirKnight
March 26th: yedlishka
March 27th: Ron Burgandy?
March 28th: roselle,Stormbound
March 30th: Bolindor


April 1st: Charlesc83
April 2nd: heartswild
April 3rd: Arsen,Sweet_Thing
April 4th: Knighthawke
April 5th: SirTheta
April 6th: bandion
April 7th: Thor
April 8th: reech
April 10th: Aura
April 14th: IntSecurity,Kovo89
April 15th: JadeAlyssum,Suzybluesky
April 17th: Cobia
April 18th: JenJen
April 21st: subforshort,blackchaos,snowdragon
April 24th: da_nana,Seakon
April 25th: ciya
April 26th: farmerboy
April 27th: EvilGenius1,gaara013
April 28th: Lildor
April 29th: RocknRoll


May 2nd: b20soccer?
May 3rd: Burak,Klisten
May 5th: FrozenToe
May 6th: fritsz
May 7th: Smitts,Miro
May 8th: zangpakto,toonman1000,Ocho
May 9th: mskwik,ragnzor,Tekada,wolfie
May 10th: joe2,MudKing
May 11th: danodan,Dommu,skyeleigh?
May 12th: The Donald?,Paloma,coldfire,Cieloette
May 14th: Sunshine
May 15th: Draco446
May 16th: Rick Sanchez
May 17th: SaDaRe,Delapa,Rich81045
May 18th: Evil_Dante
May 19th: Xenobea
May 20th: seren,valpokat,jinxter123
May 23rd: Martuen,Lemon
May 24th: DRganzas,Phil,abfabuli
May 25th: Kaleb,Cruzon,Derek
May 26th: Eddy999999,djmix666,Padraigia
May 27th: Aglarele,spoon,ralte
May 28th: Lord Beerus?


June 1st: Cradle,giZmo
June 2nd: CrazedBob,incubusking,marill105
June 3rd: BotaAbaixo
June 4th: HarleyAngel
June 5th: frida
June 6th: Ghislaine
June 7th: imtoh0tforu
June 11th: sword_and_shield,Stargunn357
June 12th: Odin666
June 13th: Rickmeister
June 16th: Boon,Quatre,Gazz,Niksun
June 18th: Raven,Thunderclap?
June 19th: snowbunny,Runkies
June 20th: Devil Girl,Nisa,Makeveli
June 22nd: jellyfish
June 24th: MedX
June 25th: DeathXP,Nyarlahotep

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